Throwback: 1939 Pet Gear

Spoil your pets with colorful—and practical—accessories that you'll love as much as they do.


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Magenta Ombre Cotton Rope Dog Leash

Crafted of marine-grade rope, this leash is not only vibrant but also durable. Bonus: The leash can be worn multiple ways!

Price: $62

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Modular Cat Tree

Treat your feline friend with a cat tree that blends in with your home style. Rearrange the blocks for endless activity.

Price: $199.95

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Skinny Dip Ceramic Dog Bowls

Available in navy or cherry dip, these ceramic bowls are a colorful way to upgrade your dog dishes.

Price: $22 each

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Flowers Bouquet

Entertain your dog with this bouquet of squeak and crinkle flowers. Keep them all together or separate each stem for little dogs.

Price: $16

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Purple Navy and Pink Woven Leather Dog Collar

Your pup will turn heads in this trendy collar. A hand-stitched design and soft, flexible leather make it both stylish and comfortable.

Price: $45

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Beaded Hippo Circus Leather Dog Collar

With beads hand sewn onto leather, your dog is sure to look hip in this collar.

Price: $49 - $82

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Heidi Tropical Teepee

Give your pet a place to get away with a cute teepee or tent.

Price: $38.82

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Bear Dog Bed "Jewel"

Upgrade your dog's bed with this one made with natural fibers.

Price: $115 - $160

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