This Under-$35 Litter Box Is My Secret to Clean Floors and a Fresh-Smelling Home

Two cats in a one-bedroom apartment may seem like a stinky situation, but with this covered litter box I'm able to contain odors and keep my floors mostly litter-free.

Two cats cuddling on a bed

Introducing a Multi-Cat Marvel: The Iris Top-Entry Litter Box

When I moved into my new one-bedroom apartment, the only place big enough to put two open litter boxes was in the coat closet (not ideal). After weeks of my cats tracking litter all over the floor, I knew the basic boxes weren't going to cut it anymore.

I started browsing litter box enclosures, thinking I could possibly disguise the boxes in my living room. So many models, however, were out of my budget—especially since I needed two. Instead, I considered a top-entry design and found the Modkat Litter Box. I loved the concept, but I didn't love the $80 price tag. I turned to Amazon to try and find a duplicate for less.

Enter the Iris Top-Entry Cat Litter Box. It has everything I appreciated in the pricier Modkat option—a removable, litter-catching lid, included scoop, and large design—at half the cost, so I decided to give it a try.

In true Amazon Prime fashion, the litter box arrived within two business days. I decided to keep it open for the first week to acclimate my cats. I also mixed some of the old litter with the new in the Iris litter box (highly recommend this when you switch boxes so the new one still smells familiar to them). The mixed litter trick worked like a charm; my cats didn't hesitate to use their new potty.

When it came time to test the lid, I admit I was hesitant. My fur babies have had open litter boxes all their lives, but to my surprise they didn't have any problems adjusting. They hopped right in, did their business, and hopped back out. The unique ridge design on the lid caught excess litter quite well, too; I don't even need the large mat I used to place underneath the old litter boxes anymore.

The Iris cat litter box is available in six color options (I chose black/white) and two sizes. With two adult kitties I opted for the large. I figured I could always order a second if necessary, but so far I haven't need to. One large litter box suits both my cats' bathroom needs and still contains odors. Overall, I'm quite pleased with how well this $33 box has held up so far. It's easy to clean, easy to move, and easy to fill. Like the other thousands of happy Amazon reviewers, I definitely give this litter box five stars.

Buy It: Iris Top-Entry Cat Litter Box, $33, Amazon

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