Treat Your Fur Baby to These Amazing(ly Cute) Dog Toys

Who says dog toys have to be utilitarian and boring? You'll have as much fun picking out these adorable toys as your pup will have playing with them.

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Green and tan cactus dog toy photo

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Cute Cactus

Brighten your dog's day with this adorable, squeaky, stuffed cactus. Its plush fabric makes for safe and fun chewing, and its petite size means it's great for pups of all ages. Since this toy is made with super-soft material, it'll never hurt your dog's teeth—or your feet when you inevitably step on it.

Buy It: ZippyPaws Stuffed Plush Cactus Dog Toy, $9;

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Serengeti Squeaker

This is a dog toy so stylish, don't be surprised if your house guests think it's a piece of boho decor. The giraffe-shaped squeaky toy is handmade using a soft-yet-sturdy cotton blend canvas material, and features playful details like pom-poms and a fun-to-tug tail. Plus, its long neck provides the perfect place for your pup (or pups!) to gnaw and play.

Buy It: Giraffe Dog Toy, $15 (originally $16);

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Adorable Avocados

This isn't just a toy—it's also a mind-challenging game, too. The goal? For your pet to discover the secret tennis ball hidden inside the avocado (like a pit, get it?) The soft fabric and adorable friendly faces will make this toy a favorite among you and your pup.

Buy It: Leaps & Bounds Avocado Dog Toy, $10;

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Multicolored dog toy shaped like a can of sparkling water photo

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Punny Parody

Okay, so maybe you shouldn't give Fido a sip of your La Croix—but you can treat him to the next best thing with this pun-tastic sparkling water-themed squeaky toy. Also available in versions like "Puptron Tequila," "Stella Arftois Beer," and "Furball Cinnamut Whiskey," you'll get a kick out of Haute Diggity Dog's line of "dogmestic" and "impawted" toys as much as your pup will.

Buy It: Haute Diggity Dog Mugtini Bar Collection, $14;

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Cupcake-shaped dog toy photo

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Birthday Party Essential

If you think throwing your dog a birthday party is over the top, it may be time to reevaluate your priorities. Help your furry friend have the celebration of a lifetime with this cute cupcake toy, made of durable fabric that will withstand the test of time. This squeaky toy will keep your pup entertained throughout their party, no real cupcake and frosting needed.

Buy It: Toy Birthday Cupcake, $7;

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Bagel and coffee dog toy photo

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Everything Bagel Breakfast

Breakfast is served! Now your pup can enjoy this classic breakfast with you—except theirs is made with tons of fluff (er, cream cheese and whipped cream) and a hidden squeaker inside. They'll love gnawing on the coffee and bagel, and you'll love all the "likes" you'll receive on the adorable Instagram candid of your dog playing with its new toys.

Buy It: BARK Breakfast of Chompions Dog Toy, $10;

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