7 Tools from Terrain You Need to Revive Your Garden Just in Time for Spring

Whether you're starting from scratch or giving your previous garden new life, Terrain has all the tools you'll need to be successful.

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Goatskin and suede garden gloves from Terrain photo

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Garden Gloves

First things first: You'll need a durable pair of garden gloves to help keep your hands clean and safe. This pair is made with soft, thorn-resistant leather that not only feels nice against your skin but also protects you from cuts and scratches. And don't worry, it's breathable to ensure your hands won't overheat, making it ideal for both the growing and harvesting seasons. To keep the gloves in good condition it's recommended to hand-wash and air-dry them only.

Buy It: Goatskin and Suede Garden Gloves, $58, Terrain

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Four piece garden hand tool set from Terrain photo

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Garden Tool Set

If gardening is your favorite hobby then you'll want to invest in a sturdy set of tools that will last for years to come—instead of one or two seasons. This four-piece set is worth every penny and includes: a titanium transplanting trowel, a hand fork, and a hand hoe that's lightweight, rust-resistant and easy to handle. Plus, the tools come inside a durable gift box you can use as a storage case during the off-season.

Buy It: Titanium Hand Tool Set, $698, Terrain

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Two mini pruners in a set from Terrain photo

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Mini Pruner Set

Reviving your garden doesn't just consist of planting new greenery; it also means trimming old ones to ensure they can thrive during the upcoming season. This pruning set comes with two mini pruners that are ideal for indoor and outdoor garden use. The sturdy stainless-steel blades are great for cutting through dead limbs or small branches so your garden can look its best come spring.

Buy It: Mini Pruner Set, $28, Terrain

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Canvas garden apron with multiple pockets from Terrain photo

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Canvas Garden Apron

Gardening can be a messy hobby, but thanks to this canvas apron you can enjoy your favorite activity without ruining your clothes. In addition to keeping you clean, the apron has multiple pockets to keep all your essential tools on hand at all times—it even has a compartment specifically for your phone. When you're done for the day, simply wipe the apron clean with a dry cloth and it'll be ready again for tomorrow. At just $36 you really can't go wrong with this find.

Buy It: Canvas Garden Apron, $36, Terrain

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Black traditional watering can from Terrain photo

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Traditional Watering Can

A watering can might seem like an obvious garden essential, but this stainless-steel option made our list for its unique, practical design. It features a small narrow opening at the top that helps prevent water from leaking out as you tend to your plants, and a wide spout that provides even water distribution. With its rust-resistant galvanized finish, this is a tool you'll be able to use season after season, making it well worth the splurge.

Buy It: Traditional Watering Can, from $78, Terrain

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A set of copper plant markers from Terrain photo

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Copper Plant Markers

Instead of purchasing new plant markers each year, invest in these copper ones that can withstand almost any weather. The set of 10 is made from galvanized wire with copper strips and a grease pencil for marking your plants. Reviewers say they love the look of these markers, but suggest labeling them with a permanent marker and wiping them clean with rubbing alcohol.

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Canvas carry-all garden stool from Terrain photo

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Carry-All Garden Stool

Traditional garden stools can double as pretty decorations for your home and outdoor space, but this multi-purpose option takes things to the next level. Its compact, foldable design is easy to store during the off-season, and includes a removable bag that's great for carrying tools, seeds, and other small essentials. Trust us, this is a tool that should be on every gardener's shopping list this season.

Buy It: Carry-All Garden Stool, $48, Terrain

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