7 Beautiful and Low-Maintenance Plants You Can Scoop Up for Less During 1-800-Flowers' Sale

From helping to reduce levels of pollutants in your home, lowering your stress levels, and even increasing your productivity, filling your home with houseplants has a myriad of proven benefits. And now, turning your home into a plant-filled paradise is more budget-friendly than ever thanks to 1-800-Flowers' annual plant sale. Shop our favorites for up to 30 percent off below.

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A Variety of Succulents in a Rustic Wooden Box From 1-800-Flowers photo

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Succulent Centerpiece

Sure, you could gift a traditional floral arrangement—or you could brighten up a loved one's day with a set of standout succulents. This cute rustic box is filled with assorted succulent plants, each easy to care for and guaranteed to last longer than your traditional floral array. Bonus: Studies have shown that gardening and tending to plants can instantly improve your mood. Just give them a little bit of water every few weeks and keep them in bright light for resilient and easygoing greenery.
Buy It: $44 (originally $55); 1800flowers.com

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A Variety of Cacti and Succulents in a Stone Dish From 1-800-Flowers photo

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Cactus Dish Garden

Southwest-inspired decor and succulents galore are all the rage, and you can nail the look by adding this stunning cactus dish to your space. It contains an assortment of cactus varieties that vary from garden to garden, so you could buy multiple and wind up with a unique version each time. Since cacti can live anywhere from 25 to 300 years, you'll have plenty of time to tend to your new garden.
Buy It: From $30 (originally from $40); 1800flowers.com

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Purple Orchid Flower in a Glass Vase From 1-800-Flowers photo

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Elegant Orchid

Orchids are known to be fickle, tricky-to-grow plants. But this one comes already budding and ready to bloom, so the hard work is done for you. You can choose between the white or purple orchid flowers for an exquisite arrangement that will look nice in any room.
Buy It: $35 (originally $50); 1800flowers.com

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Blue Hydrangeas in a White Pail From 1-800-Flowers photo

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Garden Hydrangea

While we all can't fill our homes with fresh-picked hydrangeas from the garden, 1-800-Flowers can deliver the next best thing. These hearty, brilliant blooms come in a cute rustic planter that you can repurpose later. The best part? Once the hydrangeas have finished blooming, you can plant them outside and they'll continue to grow in your own backyard.
Buy It: From $34 (originally from $45); 1800flowers.com

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Bonsai Tree in Black Planter From 1-800-Flowers photo

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Juniper Bonsai

You don't need a degree in horticulture to take up the art of bonsai. This tree comes pre-grown so that the tricky planting stage is already taken care of, allowing you to tend to your new hobby with an established tree. And since the bonsai tree is 30 percent off right now, there's never been a better time to give this "harmony" tree a try.
Buy It: From $28 (originally from $40); 1800flowers.com

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Various Plants in a Rustic Basket With the Words

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Bloom Dish Garden

If you prefer leafy greens over desert blooms, this garden is a perfect choice. Housed in a wood box, the garden is packed with a variety of lush, mood-boosting plants—it even comes with a plan to keep them healthy and thriving. The plant varieties may vary from garden to garden, so it's a fun surprise when it arrives at your doorstep.
Buy It: $40 (originally $50); 1800flowers.com

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Three Stalks of Bamboo Shaped Like Hearts in a Glass Vase From 1-800-Flowers photo

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Heart Shaped Bamboo

Fresh bamboo is not only eye-catching, but it's also believed to bring good fortune to your home. Choose from one, two, or three bamboo stalks housed in a versatile glass planter. We love that the bamboo stalks are molded into the shape of a heart for even more decor appeal. Bamboo is another easy-to-grow plant that requires low-light conditions, so you can expect your bamboo plant to thrive whether you live in a sky-high suite or a basement apartment.
Buy It: From $30 (originally from $35); 1800flowers.com

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