Mix & Match: Our Favorite Indoor Plants & Trendy Plant Stands

Nothing livens up your home better than some lush indoor plants. With low-maintenance plants that are easy to care for, you don't even need a green thumb. Pair these plants with our favorite on-trend plant stands to refresh any room in your home.

Small palm tree paired with a white planter with wooden legs photo

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Palm + Midcentury Planter

Bring a warm, tropical vibe to your living room with this Majesty Palm made to grow indoors. Simply choose an area in your house that gets lots of light, fertilize, and water whenever the soil feels slightly dry to the touch. This plant is super easy to care for and helps purify the air too—it's a win-win! Combine this palm with the Midcentury Turned Leg Standing Planter for a modern and stylish look we love.


$22.98; Majesty Palm

$179; Midcentury Planter

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A peace lily plant paired with a mint green metal planter photo

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Traditional Houseplant + Modern Plant Stand

The Peace Lily is not only easy to care for, but it also brings a sense of serenity to your home. A popular houseplant, the Peace Lily can tolerate low-light levels, so it's perfect for a room with few or no windows. Water at least once a week, as the Peace Lily likes an evenly moist environment. When it comes to potting, the Noa 8-inch Metal Planter + Stand in mint or black brings a minimalist aesthetic to your modern home.


$39.99; Serene Peace Plant

$49; Metal Planter and Stand

Tall snake plant paired with a tall round wood plant stand photo

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Snake Plant + Wooden Slice Plant Stand

A stylish plant stand is all the more reason to bring the outdoors in. The Wooden Slice Plant Stands come in three sizes and are made to show off your indoor plants' best features. The Sansevieria, perhaps better known as the Snake Plant, is versatile enough for full sun or low-light areas, but it thrives in bright, indirect sunlight. Growing from 6 to 42 inches tall, the Snake Plant can handle dry soil conditions as well, but we suggest watering it every two to six weeks. Start your indoor plant collection with this beauty.


$30.62; Snake Plant

$118+; Wooden Slice Plant Stand

Three sizes of gold plant stands paired with a heart leaf philodendron photo

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Heart Leaf Philodendron + Lena Plant Stand Set

What's better than one plant stand? Three plant stands. The Lena Plant Stand Set in gold looks stunning grouped together, but each stand looks just as good on its own if you want to disperse them throughout your home with your favorite indoor plants. An inexpensive and easy-to-care-for houseplant is the Heart Leaf Philodendron. Place this viney green beauty anywhere except in full sun, keep the soil moist, and feed it every month with nutritious plant food. Give your home some life with this houseplant and stand combo.


$4.99; Heart Leaf Philodendron

$138; Lena Plant Stand Set

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Burgundy ficus paired with a gold wire global standing planter photo

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Burgundy Ficus + Wire Global Standing Planter

Need a little something to fill an empty space? The Burgundy Ficus can grow between 1 foot and 8 feet tall, and it's the perfect tree houseplant you can grow indoors. The ficus can grow in low light, although bright light is ideal. Only water it when the soil is slightly dry, and be careful not to overwater. (If the leaves turn yellow and fall off, it's likely you're giving it too much water.) The Wire Global Standing Planter is a great starter pot for this growing plant. Keep in mind, though, that this ficus will likely grow pretty large, so place it in an area with plenty of space and be prepared to repot it, especially if you notice it becoming root-bound (roots growing out of the soil in the container).


$19.95–$39.95; Burgundy Ficus

$159–$179; Wire Global Standing Planters

Tall cactus paired wtih a small speckled stoneware planter photo

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Tall Cactus + Stoneware Tripod Plant Stand

If you want the aesthetic of indoor plants but don't have time for the maintenance, then you need this Tall Green Cactus. At almost 6 feet tall, this realistic-looking cactus is just what your home needs to add some color without any work. Cacti and succulents are already easy to care for, but this artificial cactus will last for years without the worry of scorching or overwatering. The Tripod Plant Stand is available in two sizes, and the large size is the perfect match for this tall cactus. When paired together, you'll be able to enjoy the beauty of the desert indoors.


$249.95; Green Cactus

$20–28; Tripod Plant Stand

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