Organize in Style with Our Top Outdoor Storage Finds

With these outdoor storage finds the outside of your house will stay just as neat and organized as the inside.

Wooden storage box with a white cushion on top. photo

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Dynamic Duo

We never say "no" to additional seating, especially when it doubles as more storage space. With this wooden bench sitting on your patio, you'll be able to conveniently store pool towels, floaties, and other yard games inside for your next family get-together. Simply flip open the top, grab what you need, and it's back to being a comfortable piece of outdoor furniture. Don't forget to deck it out with a couple decorative throw pillows to match your aesthetic.

Price: $249.98

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Galvanized storage cart with three shelves. photo

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Ready to Party

Keep your outdoor bar neat and tidy using this storage cart from Pottery Barn. Galvanized sheet metal with a distressed gray finish gives each shelf a rustic look while also giving it a little extra protection. Place your most used items like glasses and shakers on the top rack, bar tools and garnishes on the second rack, and keep the beer and liquor on the bottom. With this cart on your patio you'll always have the party essentials right where you need them.

Price: $99

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Wooden one door storage cabinet that can have four shelves or no shelves. photo

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Declutter Your Space

If you're over your cluttered garage, take back your space. An easy way to do this is to get a multi-purpose storage cabinet that's small enough to stay out of the way, but large enough to hold everything you need. You have the option to section it off into four shelves, or remove them so you can fit rakes and other garden tools inside. Bonus: If you'd rather keep it outside, you can! The Shorea wood is naturally water-resistant, so a little rain won't be an issue.

Price: $358.49

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Stainless steel cabinet with slide-out drawers and shelves for storing food outdoors. photo

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Make Hosting Easy

Hosting a barbecue can be quite the task, but you can make your life a little easier by prepping the food the night before so all you have to do is assemble it the next day. Then, after it's all ready to be enjoyed by guests, preserve it in this outdoor storage cabinet to keep bugs from getting to the delicious meal first. Throughout the afternoon you can switch out the appetizers for the main course, and then transition to dessert. Pro tip: Use one of the pull-out drawers to store your grilling utensils or serveware in one place.

Price: $749

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Wicker storage cube for outdoor use. photo

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Weather-Resistant Wicker

We are ecstatic for warmer weather to arrive, but with summer comes pop-up thunderstorms. You'll need a sturdy container to save your patio cushions and outdoor decor from inclement weather. This weather-resistant wicker cube is sure to get the job done. Not only will it keep your items dry, but it can also be used as an end table to hold your drinks on days when there isn't a cloud in the sky.

Price: $99.99

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Black rolling cooler filled with ice and beverages. photo

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Keepin' Things Cool

Anyone throwing a summer bash or block party is in need of a portable cooler. Instead of being confined in the kitchen or behind the bar taking drink orders, you can actually enjoy your guests' company as they help themselves from the sleek cooler, complete with a bottle opener. Stock it full of ice and drinks, roll it outside, and lock the wheels so it stays in place. Thanks to the sealed lids and watertight plastic liner you won't have to worry about warm drinks or surprise leaks.

Price: $269

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Tan storage cart that can hold yard tools and has wheels for easy transportation. photo

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The Garden Tool Caddy

Maintaining a beautiful lawn and garden requires a variety of tools and gadgets. Rather than tripping over extension cords or trying to find the hand shovel, you can keep all your lawn and garden tools in one place thanks to this rolling cart. Organize short-handled tools in the top slots and secure long-handled tools with the side-access clips. You can even store a weed trimmer or leaf blower, or hang a garden hose on the side hook. With your arsenal organized and easily accessible, simply wheel the cart to whichever part of your yard needs a little TLC.

Price: $40.49

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Black storage space large enough to store bikes. photo

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Secure Storage

Whether they're in your garage, in a shed, or out on your deck, bikes take up a lot of room that could be used for other things. You could hang them up on a rack, but getting them back down can be a hassle. Place this metal shed at the side of your house so you can have easy access to your bikes. The frame is designed to hold up to three adult sizes and features two spots for padlocks so your items stay secure.

Price: $1,595.74

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Wooden storage shed with double doors and black roof. photo

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Stylish Shed

Finally cross that backyard shed off your to-do list. This galvanized steel storage shed keeps your garden supplies safe and secure. While it exudes the charm of natural wood, it won't succumb to issues like rot or insect damage. Two large doors make it easy to access the lawn mower and other big items, and the shed also comes with a DIY assembly kit.

Price: $369

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