Natural Wonders

In a modern take on the cabinet of curiosities, some of the houseplant world's weirdest specimens come together in displays that trick the eye and delight the senses.


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Sputnik Sea Urchin Seashells

A unique vessel to display an air plant.

Price: $11.99

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Safavieh Couture Hayley Bookshelf

Display your home decor on this super-chic unit.

Price: $952

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Tectorum Air Plant Jellyfish

Spruce up your space with this one-of-a-kind plant.

Price: $24

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Curio Quartz

A non-woven wallpaper resembling silver and gold quartz shine in an entry.

Price: Prices may vary.

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"John Derian Picture Book"

Add this book to your coffee table collection.

Price: $75

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Malachite Wallpaper

Apply this wallpaper in a room that could use a soothing vibe.

Price: Prices may vary.

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Porcelain Hand

This porcelain hand deserves a round of applause.

Price: $42

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Chalice Votive

Display your favorite plants or a stocky candle in this textured chalice.

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Line Drawn Ceramics

Delicate lines spruce up your dinnerware.

Price: $98 - $195

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Avian Footed Tray

A unique display calls for an equally unique perch.

Price: $78

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Glass Eyes (Pg. 154)

Style your greens with a pair of glass eyes for an interesting pop of color.

Prices may vary.

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