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Houseplants are the new everywhere decor trend, but don't sit them on the floor. Raise your plant babies onto a pedestal with stylish stands that let them shine in the spotlight.


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Large Hanging Planter in Cork

Even when holding items other than houseplants, this cork hanger looks great.

Price: $110

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Takara Column Shelf, Large

The column shelf beautifully displays potted plants, books, and other decor.

Price: $124

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Better Homes & Gardens® Collection Faison Double Hanging Planter

Save space with this stylish double-tier planter.

Price: $18.80

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Satsumas Plant Stand

Different levels add interest to your plant display.

Price: $29.99

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Oval Iris Planter and Chevron Stand

For plants with long tendrils, showcase their full beauty using this planter.

Price: $199

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8" Spun Planter in Peach

An interior disk separates the plant from the water reservoir, making this planter self-watering.

Price: $90

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8" Planter Stand in Peach

Add some height to your greenery.

Price: $125

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Obispo Bench by Camino

A stylish bench for the entryway or greenhouse. Original color unavailable. Smoked Oak/Black featured.

Price: $329

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Plant Pedestals, Set of Two

Two functional and adorable plant stands showcase succulents and small greenery.

Price: $50

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Spun Metal Planter in Brass, Large

Give large plants a strong base with this stylish planter.

Price: $99

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Marble Rose Gold Small Pedestal Table

The marble top means no danger of water damage if a pot leaks.

Price: $179

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Adelphi 6" Planter in Gold

Ferns stand out in this gold planter.

Price: $18

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Pentagonal End Table by Bloomingville

Place it in your living room to show off potted plants.

Price: $225

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Grand Tour Étagère in Solid Cream

If you don't want to display plants on this shelf, use it in your bathroom to keep linens easily accessible.

Price: $299

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Stoneware Hanging Planter

Hanging planters allows you to play with levels in your space.

Price: $30.99

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Milania Rattan Hanging Planter

Save space by hanging charming planters from the ceiling.

Price: $35.99

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Iron Tray Plant Stand

A removable tray makes it easy to transport your plants for fuss-free watering.

Price: $138

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Protected Teak Plant Stand

The weather-resistant finish ensures this plant stand withstands the elements if you want to place it outdoors.

Price: $198

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Lantliv Plant Stand

Greenery looks even more vibrant against this white plant stand.

Price: $49.99

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Safavieh Ella Leaning Étagère in Ash Grey

Complement contemporary decor with a minimalist tower.

Price: $158

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Silver Footed Tall Plant Stands, Medium and Large

Simple stands elevate both outdoor and indoor plants.

Price: $14–$18

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Petticoat Palm Carmela Wallpaper

This wallpaper gives your room a tropical feel.

Price: $200 per roll

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Feather Bloom Wallpaper in Emerald & Ore

Add visual texture to a simple wall with feather-print wallpaper.

Price: Price varies

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Justina Blakeney Wallpaper in Nana (Pink)

A lush design for a statement wall.

Price: $190 per roll

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Diamond Bamboo Wallpaper

Geometric patterns add a unique element to your walls.

Price: $47.99 per roll

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Woodperry Wallpaper in Green

Adopt a fun twist on basic stripes with this leaf design.

Price: Price varies

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Turtle Pond Orchids

Get stunning orchids delivered right to your door from Turtle Pond Orchids.

Price varies

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Costa Farms

Costa Farms helps you find the right plants for your space. Use the design tool to see how different arrangements will look in your room.

Price varies

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