Freshen Up Your Yard with These Easy-Care Plants

Calling all gardeners in training: Keeping your yard looking nice doesn't have to take a lot of effort. We've rounded up our favorite plants that require minimal care and will keep your yard prettier than ever.

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English Lavender

Plant these purple beauties in an area that receives full sunlight and contains well-drained soil. You'll be happy to know these require infrequent watering, giving you more time to spend as you please. You can expect them to sprout in early spring or at harvest time. Happy planting!

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Denver Daisy

If planting these yellow and red daisies doesn't brighten your day, we don't know what will. This robust flower can withstand hot weather or droughts and does well in most types of soil. Put these in areas that get full sun or partial shade for them to reach their maximum beauty.

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If little to no tending is your type of gardening, we have the plant for you. Succulents require very little maintenance, as they only need to be watered during growing seasons and when the soil is completely dry. Won't be able to water your plants for a while? No problem. Succulents can tolerate long periods of dryness. In fact, the most common problem with succulents is rot, so be sure to plant them in pots with drainage or rocks in the bottom, and do not overwater.

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Lenten Rose

Hardy, attractive, and easy to grow, these roses will add a splash of color to any space in need of a lift. Over time, the plants will multiply to create a carpet for your flowerbed—and they produce beautiful flowers in springtime. An added bonus: these plants are also drought tolerant.

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These annual flowers are a beginner's best friend. Plant them in the spring in in partially sunny areas and in loamy soil, and enjoy these colorful beauties throughout summer and fall. While impatiens are easy to grow, you will need to water them regularly

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Planting a mix of small and large flowers in your yard can help create texture and visual interest. And these white favorites lend a particularly clean, crisp look. Plant them in the early spring or fall to help keep the roots strong, and make sure they are protected from direct sun and strong winds. Once a week or so, give them a deep watering. And the rest of the week, enjoy the beautiful scenery and scent these lend to your yard.

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Lamb's Ear

Add some welcome greenery to any yard by adding a few lamb's ear plants. It's easy on the eyes and the hands with its silvery sheen and velvety texture. It requires minimal maintenance and is drought tolerant. Try placing this pleasing plant along a fence with flowers interspersed for a touch of color.

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Chrysanthemums are striking enough to inspire even the most reluctant gardener. Consider growing these in full sunshine to produce the most flowers, but make sure to water them when the soil is dry. Place these in a pot on the front porch for a welcoming entry to your home, or try planting them along a fence mixed in with some fresh greenery.

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