DIY Raised-Garden Kits You Can Actually Build

Have you always wanted your very own raised garden bed, but thought it would require too much manual labor? Lucky for you, we've searched for the easiest raised-garden kits to assemble (if you even have to assemble). Now hurry and go buy all your flowers and veggies, 'cause these raised beds are worth it.

Large raised-garden kit with walls, small door, and walk-in space. photo

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Gated Cedar Raised Garden Bed Kit

Create your own little green sanctuary that will help keep out unwanted critters with this gated garden bed. The enclosed structure is made from a gorgeous cedar lumber with fenced panels to make sure rabbits and other small animals can't enter. Not to mention, it's the perfect spot to unwind and get away while getting your hands dirty doing the hobby you love. Pro tip: To prevent straining your back or staining your pants, we suggest putting a garden stool inside so you can work comfortably.

Price: $1,049

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Raised-garden kit featuring a pivoting trellis and wooden box. photo

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Elevated Planter Box

Add height and dimension to your outdoor scenery with a planter that sits off the ground. This box is roughly waist-high so gardening won't be a pain—or cause any—and the depth even allows you to plant lanky carrots. With an 8-foot adjustable trellis, this raised-garden kit will be able to support any of your strong plants or vegetables to ensure they stay healthy. Since not all plants are the same, you have the option to fold down one side of the steel wall while keeping the other side standing straight.

Price: $369.95

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Wooden raised-garden box with wire fence around it. photo

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Fenced-In Raised Garden Box

This raised bed is the perfect solution for growing your garden on the ground while still keeping your plants safe and secure. This garden is easy to put together so you can spend minimal time assembling and more time nurturing those mouth-watering herbs. All you have to do is push the boards into all four corner posts, put on the caps, and voilà you're ready to get to work!

Price: $118.61

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2x8 Wooden raised-garden bed with watering system. photo

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Raised Bed with Irrigation

When they say "Garden in Minutes" they aren't kidding! This 2x8-foot raised bed will be ready to start growing your veggies in just 10 minutes. Not only is the assembly process made to make your life easier, but it also comes with it's own irrigation system, which makes it a must-have for anyone with a green thumb. If this long layout doesn't fit in your space don't sweat it. You can arrange the grid to fit your layout, or if you need more room you can expand to create a larger space.

Price: $280

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Plastic raised-garden kit with tent enclosure. photo

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Tented Raised Garden Bed

Don't want to mix your flowers and food? Thanks to this kit you won't have to. You'll get two raised garden beds made out of a high-density, brown polyethylene so you can separate your edible plants from your florals. It also includes a tent enclosure to lessen the amount of bugs that go crawling all over your produce. Complete with a how-to garden guide, this is a great starter kit for anyone who wants to get into gardening or lacks a green thumb.

Price: $136.47

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Wooden raised-garden kit in the shape of a star with lots of plants inside. photo

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Star-Shaped Garden Scene

Although your garden is already pleasing to look at, why not draw a little more attention to your precise craftsmanship? This star-shaped bed is the perfect lawn display for a large front yard, or place it in your backyard for eye-catching decor that'll stand out. We suggest filling the raised garden with small shrubs and flowers for a colorful assortment. Over time if you'd like to change up the construction of the frame just adjust the boards in any way you'd like. We can't wait to see what you think of next!

Price: $279.99

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Small wooden garden wedge with green plants inside. photo

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Rustic Garden Wedge

Raised off the ground and wheelchair-accessible, this V-shaped free-standing planter is the perfect height for any yard or patio. Unlike other plant boxes, the deep wedge allows for extensive root systems to grow and flourish. It's made from western red cedar and comes unfinished so you can paint or stain it to make sure it fits in with the rest of your decor. We suggest filling this charming planter with a plant that cascades over the edges for a really eye-catching look.

Price: $238.99

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Black wicker raised-garden kit with plants inside. photo

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Elevated Wicker Garden Bed

Just like at the farmers market, fill your "basket" with your healthy favorites! This raised black wicker planter doubles as a bold accent piece that will also complement your patio furniture. Made of weather-resistant material this box won't rot or fade so you can have it around a while. Note: Although there's a full watering system, make sure to use the drainage feature to avoid dirty water and mold.

Price: $143.15

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Two-tier raised-garden kit with three boxes filled with plants. photo

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Two-Tier Dovetail Raised Beds

Convert a bare corner of your land to a flourishing one that's alive with all the greenery you can maintain. The separate sections on this two-tier raised bed help you arrange your plants easier, and is great for inexperienced gardeners. The only tools you'll be needing are your shovel, rake, and gloves, because this kit can be assembled by hand. Plant your small vegetables on one side and larger plants on the other, while filling the center with beautiful flowers. Who says your garden can't be organized?

Price: $121.99

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Raised-garden bed in the shape of a hexagon filled with plants. photo

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Hexagon Raised Beds

If you're not strict about having all your plants in perfectly straight lines and rows, experiment with a raised garden bed in the shape of a hexagon. With this raised garden bed you get to decide how big or small your planter is. You have the option to purchase more beds and stack them to create a taller space, or you can even center your structure around the base of a tree, crafting a floral tree skirt.

Price: $86.11–$199.99

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Wooden raised-garden kit with trellis wall on the back. photo

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Raised Garden Bed with Trellis Wall

If you're like us and like your food better when it comes from your own backyard, you're in for a treat. The Gronomics trellis kit is crafted to let your vegetables grow out and tall, expanding your production. We know good things can't last forever, but this kit will stay around longer than most. It comes prepared with replaceable netting so you can continue to grow your favorite plants even after natural wear and tear. Note: Garden box not included.

Price: $156.99

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Three-tier raised-garden kit with plants inside each box. photo

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Three-Tier Rustic Bed

As the saying goes, two is better than one, but let's be honest you're a true winner if you have a three-tier raised garden bed. This set gives you the freedom to create ultimate organization dependent on your garden needs, especially if different soils or irrigation is required. Bonus: You'll be happy to know you won't need a gate to keep bugs away this time because the western red cedar does the job for you!

Price: $244.79

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Black raised planter box. photo

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Patio Planter

Now that we've covered our bases with wicker, wood, and plastic raised gardens, let's move on to how sleek and simple this patio planter is. With a galvanized steel and iron build it's made to be outside where your plants can soak up the sun. The matte black finish will put a modern twist on your outdoor oasis, while really making the colors of your plants stand out. Pro tip: When winter weather rolls around don't let this charming planter stand empty, bring it inside and fill it with succulents.

Price: $89.95

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