5 Reasons Your Patio Needs a Fire Pit Table (Hint: It's Not Just for Marshmallows)

Heat up your summer gatherings by adding a gorgeous fire pit table to your patio. Not only are they great for whipping together mouthwatering s'mores, but these backyard essentials can do more than just cook your food.

Round stone fire pit table surrounded by white end tables and a turquoise patio chair

Surprising Benefits of Owning a Fire Pit Table

  1. Easy Entertaining
    Whether you're reminiscing about your last family camping trip or just hosting a few friends, there's something so relaxing about gathering around a fire. That's the idea with a fire pit table, only you get a little more than a hand warmer, like this rounded bowl gas fire pit. They're also taller, providing a more sanitary spot to lean your sticks against instead of trying to balance them on the ground. Add a few chairs or even a couch and you'll have the perfect area for guests to dine and converse.

  2. Time & Money Saver
    Although you can create a stone pit in your backyard, a fire pit table eliminates the extra time (and money) you would spend picking out stones, measuring, and digging the hole. Plus, they're portable. A DIY pit gets built in place, but a table can be moved around—a huge bonus for when the desire to rearrange patio furniture strikes. Most feature weather-resistant sealants, but if you're concerned about cold or rainy days, you can always move it inside your shed or use a cover for extra protection.

  3. Safety Precautions
    In addition to costing more time and money, having a large hole in your backyard instantly becomes a safety hazard—especially for young children as they could fall in or accidentally touch the hot embers. A fire pit table minimizes that danger because it remains above ground and confines the flames. Some options, like the Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit Table, also come with a protective screen so you can contain the embers even more.

  4. Bug Repellant
    Insects do not like fire as it poses an immediate threat, but that doesn't mean they'll completely stay away. Of course, bug spray helps, but before you douse you and your guests with chemicals, test a few natural repellents instead. Try burning sage (just use the fire to light it and set it on the table); its smell should keep pesky mosquitoes at bay. Another idea: Grow some lemon balm and toss its leaves straight into the flame. Both provide a safer alternative to chemical sprays while also adding a fresh scent to your patio.

  5. Warmth & Style
    Whether you go with something more rustic or opt for a modern design like this propane fire pit table, your backyard instantly gets an upscale feel. With a heat output of 40,000 BTUs (British Thermal Unit), this particular pick also reaches an approximate 15-foot radius so you can stay warm and cozy during those relaxing summer evenings.

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