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The Slow-Cooker Savant: Become a Dinner Hero 52 Weeks of the Year! Sterling Miller Author

Our cavemen ancestors figured out something amazing – fire! And when they weren’t burning themselves with it or using it to fend off Saber-toothed tigers and the occasional dinosaur, they used it to cook their food. While their craniums were small, they figured out that cooking food with low heat over many hours produces intense flavors, super-tender meat, and incredibly delicious smells. Fast-forward 10,000 years, when modern men and women – with much larger craniund incredibly delicious smells. Fast-forward 10,000 years, when modern men and women – with much larger craniums - improved upon the “low and slow” process thanks to a sturdy device that used electricity, not fire, to achieve the same results. It is called a slow-cooker - an improvement brought on largely by the lack large fire pits inside our homes.Regardless of the reason, a slow-cooker (often called a Crock Pot®) is an inexpensive cooking tool available to just about everyone (except in Antarctica and parts of Utah). Even better, little culinary skill is required to use it. Mostly, you need a sharp knife and the patience to properly prepare the ingredients. Then it’s cover with the lid, set it on “low,” and walk away. Later that day you and your family come back to wonderful smells and the best tasting food you have ever prepared!The Slow-Cooker Savant cookbook takes you step by step through preparing 52 ridiculously good meals – one for each week of the year! These are not your grandmother’s “dump and go” recipes. From lamb stew to Dakdoritang chicken to homemade meatballs and red sauce, this book is your guide to the easiest and most delicious food you have ever cooked. Get ready to be a dinner hero! In addition to being a slow-cooker savant, Sterling Miller is a lawyer and author, having published books on professional football and life as an in-house attorney. This book reveals his true passion for cooking – slow, lazy cooking that is. He lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with his wife, Inger, and their two college-age daughters, Maren and Zoey. It’s a happy family, especially when he breaks out the slow-cooker! read more

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