Get Top-of-the-Line Bakeware From This Unexpected Store

You don't have to splurge on fancy equipment from expensive home good stores to get great bakeware. Instead, check out the selection at your favorite home improvement store: The Home Depot. From nonstick pans to Pyrex glass, The Home Depot has everything you need to stock your kitchen—at super affordable prices.

White oval baking dish with handles from The Home Depot photo

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Levingston Baking Dish

Invest in a baking dish that you'll be proud to show off at the center of your table. This gorgeously-crafted, durable stoneware version is inspired by the table dishes used by the earliest Americans, but with modern touches like being dishwasher- and microwave-safe. With its matching lid, this go-to dish is perfect for baking casseroles and then saving the rest for later.

Price: $83

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10 Piece set of clear mixing bowls stacked inside one another from The Home Depot photo

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10-Piece Mixing Bowl Set

Tackle even the most ambitious baking projects with this set of 10 mixing bowls. They stack perfectly within one another to eliminate wasted space in your cabinets, and their clear tempered glass construction makes them pretty enough to display even after the baking is done. These bowls are safe for use in the dishwasher and freezer, too, meaning they'll become some of the most useful and easy-to-clean tools in your kitchen.

Price: $23

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Silver pizza pan with holes to evenly cook the pizza from The Home Depot photo

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Steel Pizza Pan

Expertly cook your own pizza at home with the help of this classic pizza pan. It's made of heavy-gauge steel so it heats up evenly across the dough, and can hold a pie of up to 14 inches. Its nonstick coating and dishwashing ability make cleaning up a breeze, and it even comes with thick edges that are specially-designed to prevent warping—meaning this pizza pan will easily become a staple in your dinnertime rotation for years to come.

Price: $10

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Blue round stoneware baker from The Home Depot photo

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Stoneware Round Baker

Show up to your next potluck with a baking dish that'll turn heads—and not just because of the delicious food inside. This high-quality terracotta stoneware dish ensures even heat distribution for a balanced bake without retaining smells and flavors (like some other dishes tend to). We'd recommend using it to elevate everyday roasted veggies, pastas, or even Sunday morning cinnamon rolls.

Price: $14

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Carbon steel round cake pan from The Home Depot photo

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Steel Springform Cake Pan

Every seasoned baker knows the importance of a great springform pan. Perfect for baking delicate desserts like cheesecakes and tortes, it's coated with a nonstick layer to ensure cleanup is easy and the bake stays intact. This version is made from carbon steel to distribute heat evenly without warping over time.

Price: $7

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Reusable cooking and presentation sheet from The Home Depot photo

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Parchminum Reusable Cooking Sheet

If you're worried about the wasteful nature of tin foil and wax paper (use it once and throw it away, repeat forever), try this reusable solution instead. It's safe for use in both the microwave and oven, and when you're finished cooking, it allows you to effortlessly move the foods into a serving dish. Thanks to its non-stick properties, your food will look great and the Parchminum will remain spotless (even after hundreds of uses).

Price: $13

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Blue speckle four-piece nonstick bakeware from The Home Depot photo

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Four-Piece Baking Set

Upgrade your current mismatched bakeware with this whimsical matching set. Its bright speckled robins' egg color will brighten up your kitchen, and each of its four pieces holds an important role, from baking cakes to cooking dinnertime essentials. Since they're made of solid-gauge steel with a nonstick coating, these pieces will be a kitchen essential for years to come.

Price: $32

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Steel bundt pan from The Home Depot photo

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Steel Bundt Pan

Bundt pans are one of those kitchen items you may not use every day—but it's still essential to have around when the mood strikes to bake. This Farberware version (a Home Depot best-seller!) comes with nonstick coating so you don't lose any of your bundt cake or monkey bread, along with heavy-duty steel construction that'll stand up to any potential abuse. Though it's recommended to hand wash, the nonstick coating means cleanup will still be a breeze.

Price: $8

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19-Piece glass bakeware and storage set with blue lids from The Home Depot photo

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Pyrex 19-Piece Glass Bakeware and Storage Set

Old tomato-stained, mismatched food storage containers begone. Replace them with this beautiful matching 19-piece (!) glass set from Pyrex. It's complete with bowls, pans, custard cups, dishes, and even a pie plate, as well as matching BPA-free lids. And since everything is made with Pyrex's signature durable glass, this set will have a home in your kitchen for years to come.

Price: $44

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Steel baking sheet from The Home Depot photo

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Steel Baking Sheet

Let's face it—you can never have enough baking pans, but one always shines through as your favorite. This Farberware version is about to earn that spot. It features sturdy sides that prevent slipping and sliding (even on its nonstick surface!), warp-resistant steel construction, and balanced heat distribution, whether you're whipping up cookies or roasting veggies. Can your current baking pan do that? If not, it's time to upgrade.

Price: $9

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