I Upgraded My Old Toaster to This High-Tech One and I'm Never Going Back

Smart home appliances are all the rage—but is a smart toaster really all that different from a typical toaster? I tested one to find out.

Does a Smart Toaster Really Live Up to the Hype? Here Are My Honest Thoughts.

Before trying Revolution Cooking's High-Speed Smart Toaster, my previous toaster was...meh. My boyfriend and I had often bemoaned about how ugly it looked in our sleek stainless steel kitchen, with its fingerprint-covered black exterior and giant knobs and dials fit for a kindergartener. But since the toast it produced was "fine" (nothing more and nothing less), we stuck with it. Until the Revolution Cooking Smart Toaster entered our lives.

At first I was excited by just the novelty of it: Like how jealous our friends would get upon learning about our high-tech toaster, and how pretty and futuristic it looked sitting on the counter. Even its minimalist, digital dial clock on its home screen (yes, it has a screen!) seemed like a huge improvement, making the appliance feel more like a work of art than a device for simply toasting bread.

Finally, I took the machine out for a figurative spin. And when I say my jaw dropped, I am not exaggerating one bit. As it turns out, the Revolution Cooking Smart Toaster is as fun to use as it is pretty to look at—you simply drop slices of your favorite carbs into the toaster slots and swipe through the touchscreen to choose your exact toasting preferences for bagels, bread, toaster pastries, waffles, and more. It allows you to choose your perfect level of "toast," from barely cooked to nearly burnt, with photos to demonstrate each option. Once you're satisfied with your choice, you press a button to slowly release the food into the toaster. From there, the screen lights up with a soothing timer, keeping you updated about where your food is at in the toasting process, from browning to crisping. When the toast is finished, the smart toaster sings a cheerful little song and slowly raises your food back up—so you can officially say goodbye to the old, scare-inducing pop-up of traditional toasters.

Not only is the machine's whole toasting process so incredibly cool and high-tech—it also makes some dang good toast. Thanks to the precise toasting choices, I wound up with my perfect slice of toast, evenly heated and not a burnt edge in sight. My boyfriend and I made about four slices of toast each the first day we tried the toaster, unable to acclimate to just how incredible the machine is, but also not wanting to stop consuming our newfound ideal toast. My boyfriend tested it out with English muffins the next day, too, and reported that they came out perfectly toasted and tasty. With the Revolution Cooking Smart Toaster, I finally have a reason to justify my morning carb load—the toasted results are just so good, I can't stop using it, and after weeks of testing I've still never had a less-than-perfect slice of toast. Plus, I'm not going to lie, the toaster really is the envy of all my friends, and the "oohs" and "ahhs" it produces (plus how good it looks on my kitchen counter), only sweetens the deal.

If you're looking to up your toasting game, a smart toaster, like this one from Revolution Cooking, may be just the thing you're missing. Sure, the price tag is a bit steeper than your average toaster, but trust me, it's well worth it.

Buy It: $300; williams-sonoma.com

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