Must-Haves for a Coffee Station You'll Love a Latte

There's real power behind a good cup of coffee. Its aroma alone lures us out of bed, even on Monday mornings. It fuels productivity and sparks million-dollar ideas. It's a communal good that connects old friends and new, and sometimes even love is struck over a steaming latte. However, at upwards of five bucks per cup, our coffee shop visits can begin to feel more like a guilt trip than a treat. Fortunately, we can recreate all of these rich experiences for less in the comfort of our own home with the proper tools below.

Coffee station featuring coffee maker, coffee grinder, and coffee beans.
Houzz coffee-themed wall art photo

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"Coffee and Blessings" Wall Sign

Give your kitchen some coffee shop appeal by choosing some themed decor. This contemporary sign is equal parts bold and sweet with a sassy saying in elegant lettering. Pair this wooden sign with a vase of fresh flowers and vintage teacups for a shabby chic look you'll love, or put it in the spotlight with shiny steel track lighting for the industrial farmhouse vibe that gives hip cafes their edge.

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Houzz K-cup organizer photo

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Glass Top K-Cup Storage Drawer

You'll be less likely to use your coffee station if it turns out to be just another thing to clean. Keeping this small space tidy can be easy with a K-Cup holder. Get your cups in a row with this storage drawer, which holds up to 36 K-Cups. Maximize counter space by placing your coffee machine or mug collection directly on top of this sturdy organizer.

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Houzz blade cofee and spice grinder by KitchenAid photo

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Blade Coffee and Spice Grinder

If you really want to invest in your at-home coffee making experience, a good grinder is a great place to start. Experimenting with the grind size of your beans will turn you into a coffee connoisseur in no time. This KitchenAid grinder comes with two bowls, so you can use one in the morning to grind coffee and the other in the evening to grind cooking spices without cross-contamination. Tip: A dash of ground cinnamon will give your brew a boost of flavor and health benefits.

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Houzz KitchenAid coffe maker with thermos photo

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KitchenAid Personal Coffee Maker With Thermal Mug

Coffee makers can be uber bulky, which is why we've got our sights set on personal-sized appliances to make this coffee station as sustainable as possible. If you only have space for a coffee corner rather than a full home bar, you need this lean coffee machine in a romantic red finish. You're no longer limited to brewing an entire pot or what's sold in a plastic pod. This maker has a built-in filter that you can fill with a sizable scoop of gourmet grounds. In a matter of minutes, brew four cups straight into the well-designed thermal mug that's included. It has a dual purpose lid for serving or traveling, so you can share or take your joe to go.

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Houzz Icona espresso maker in red photo

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Icona Espresso Maker

If you require something a bit stronger to pull you out of slumber, you may be in store for an espresso maker. This compact machine will make a luxurious latte from start to finish. First, prep mugs on the warmer located on top. You can use ground coffee or an espresso pod to brew your favorite blend. Then, steam milk with the side frother for a super smooth finish. Pinkies up to this easy DIY cappuccino.

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Houzz Bodum pour over coffee maker photo

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Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker With Permanent Filter

The popularity of the pour-over method is a testament to the artisanal coffee movement that has turned just about every street corner into a chichi cafe. This hands-on technique may seem like a fussy way of brewing a cup, but it's actually as simple as pouring hot water over ground coffee. This carafe by Bodum even includes a permanent filter, so you don't have to worry about buying replacements. If it's the flavor of coffee that you crave, you'll appreciate the brilliantly clean taste of pour-over coffee.

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Houzz milk frother from Bodum photo

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Bodum Chambord Milk Frother

A frothy layer of milk can take your latte to the next level. Simply pour milk to the convenient fill line, pop it in the microwave and froth your heart out. If your household includes multiple coffee drinkers, you might opt for the larger frother so no one misses out on the iconic milk mustache.

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Houzz french press with rose gold lid and frame holder photo

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Chambord French Press

Perhaps the learning curve of becoming your own barista peaks at mastering the French press. Too many people try it once and wave it off for its dregs or bitter taste. It's true that the French press is a bit finicky but worthwhile. It relies on a slow pour to fully develop the flavor and a generous grind size so that the plunger can catch the grounds. It will likely take a few tries to get it right, so you may want to reserve this shiny new instrument for when you can afford a longer coffee break. The extra effort will pay off by way of an incredibly rich beverage.

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White coffee mug with a handwritten phrase photo

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"I Love You a Latte" Coffee Mug

Whether or not you're a coffee drinker, mugs are a must-have for every home, let alone a dedicated coffee station. Your roster of cherished mugs probably includes souvenirs from your favorite places, phrases that reflect your personality to a T and some miscellaneous gems that you can't seem to get rid of. Save some space in your collection for this adorable mug, which is most appropriate for the month of love with a handwritten phrase and a doodle on the back.

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Houzz two-piece teaspoon set photo

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Hey Sugar Teaspoons, Set of 2

If you haven't found a Valentine's Day gift yet, you're in luck. Love is in the details and it's certainly in these teaspoons. "Hey sugar" is engraved in one spoon and "you're my cup of tea" in the other. The antique design makes them all the more darling. Use them to scoop sugar, stir your beverage or as a prop to make your coffee instantly photo-worthy.

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