Gadgets & Gizmos for Prepping Farmers Market Produce

The farm-to-table trend has never been simpler! Check our list of all-star kitchen gadgets that will make your life much easier. Did someone say "life hack"?

Cutting board designed with a built in strainer photo

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So-Smart Cutting Board

Finally! A cutting board designed to keep your fruits and veggies in place after your prep. When you're done slicing and dicing, simply push your produce into the strainer for easy rinsing. We wish we had thought of that!

Price: $39.99

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Strawberry slicer from Williams Sonoma photo

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Slice Berries Like a Pro

This little gadget is the perfect solution for those of us looking to slice berries quickly and evenly. You'll be able to get precise slices without worry thanks to the sharp stainless-steel blades and a special design that ensures safety. This slicer is ideal for prepping berries for a salad or even to garnish a beautiful plate.

Price: $14.95

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Amazon garlic peeler photo

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Garlic Peeling Made Easy

Peeling those pesky cloves of garlic can be difficult, but not with this tool. Just place your garlic cloves in the device, press down, twist and ta-dah! Peeled garlic in a jiffy! The best part? This peeler can hold multiple cloves of garlic at once so you can get the job done in half the time.

Price: $11.99

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White watermelon slicer with green handles photo

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Perfectly Slice Watermelons (& More!)

Get ready for summer with perfectly sliced watermelon! This season you'll be able to easily slice through watermelons, and so much more, with this amazing gadget. The slicer will core and precisely slice a variety of large fruits and vegetables. We don't know how we've been living without this one.

Price: $18.99

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Kitchen gadget that strips herb leaves from the stem photo

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Picked Fresh for Prep

Gone are the days when prepping your herbs was a tedious task. This little gadget strips away all of the herb leaves and none of the stem making food prep a breeze! This easy-to-use gadget will ensure a faster food prep and fresher cooking experience. We love this tool!

Price: $7.95

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The four-in-one slicer pineapple slicer and wedger photo

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The Do-It-All Gadget

Top off your tropical cocktail with a perfectly sliced pineapple garnish or simply enjoy the fruit on a hot afternoon. No matter how you choose to enjoy your pineapple having the right prep tool is essential. We love this product because it's not just one, it's four! The four-in-one slicer works like a cork screw to remove the pineapple inside in the shape of rings. It easily peels, slices, and cores all in one -- now that's a no-brainer!

Price: $9.99

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Round kitchen gadget removing corn kernals from a cob photo

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Corn off the Cob

Love delicious corn on the cob, but hate the mess? With this amazing kitchen tool, you can easily remove every last golden kernel from the cob in one swift motion. This mess-free gadget features stainless-steel blades that remove the kernels and a basin to collect all of the kernels without a mess. All we have to say is, you're welcome.

Price: $12.95

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Green bean stringer/slicer photo

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String Beans? No Sweat!

Enjoy your farm-fresh green beans in no time at all! Prepping your favorite green veggie is a cinch with this green bean stringer and slicer. It perfectly slices and strings your tasty beans in one easy step so you can spend more time enjoying with family and friends.

Price: $3.99

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