Summertime Yum: Freezer-Friendly Kitchen Gadgets

These freezer-friendly kitchen gadgets will help you chill out this summer.

Tray for making ice cream sandwiches photo

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DIY Ice Cream Sandwiches

Summer is meant for ice cream, DIY, and soaking up the sun. This summer, layer on your favorite flavors and create your own delicious summer treat. This easy-to-use tray will help you make yummy creations you can enjoy later on those hot summer days. Take these DIY ice cream sandwiches a step further by using homemade ice cream!

Price: $9.99

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Mold for creating frozen treats in the shape of a tiki photo

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Totally Tiki

Traditional popsicles are so last year — say "aloha" to this too-cute tiki mold instead! You'll love having the ability to create whatever popsicle you want, and friends and family will love the festive detail. Boring popsicles are a thing of the past and this mold proves it.

Price: $15.99

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Fruit-infused ice balls photo

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Hit Refresh

Keeping hydrated with water over the summer is a must, but that doesn't mean that H2O has to be boring. These fruit-infused ice balls will add some flavor to your ice cold drink as they slowly melt. Simply put your favorite fruit in the mold, add water, freeze, and voilà! Water never tasted (or looked!) so good.

Price: $10

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Silicone tray for pineapple-shaped ice cubes photo

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A Pop of Pineapple

Add a fruity twist to traditional ice cubes with this tropical-themed mold. The silicone tray will make the cutest pineapple-shaped ice cubes and can also be used for molding chocolate, making popsicles, gelatin, and more! If you're looking for a way to add a twist to your summer beverages, this is it.

Price: $2.99

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Burger Master tray to freeze meat patties photo

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Beautiful Burgers Made Easy

Take the stress out of making burgers for a crowd this summer with this amazing gadget. Frozen or fresh, this container can hold 2 lbs. of meat, meaning you can save some serious prep time for this summer's block party or graduation get-togethers. With this handy find, we'll be grilling up a storm all summer long.

Price: $24.99

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Colorful ice cubes that can be used over and over photo

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Colorful Cool Down

Fun and reusable? Where have these ice cubes been all our life? Add some color to your drink with this reusable ice cube set. It comes with 24 reusable balls in all different summer-inspired colors. Mix and match, or keep all your ices cubes the same, whatever you choose, the drinks at your next party are sure to be a hit!

Price: $4.99

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Ice cream pop mold can make up to four cones at a time photo

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Ice Cream Done Right

We'll all be screaming for ice cream with this yummy freezer find. This ice cream pop mold features the perfect cone shape to fit all of your favorite flavors. Want a healthier option? Fill these with yogurt or juice and freeze away. Your frozen treat will be there to greet you on the next hot summer day.

Price: $18.96

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