Best Keurig Coffeemakers of 2020

A Keurig coffeemaker brews robust coffee at the touch of a button. Our shopping guide is here to help you find the best Keurig coffeemaker for your morning cup of joe.

Easy Brew: Your Guide to the Best Keurig Coffeemakers

If you love coffee but hate the fuss of brewing it, a Keurig coffeemaker is perfect for you. A Keurig coffeemaker's convenient pods give you a steaming cup of java in mere seconds. There's no need to grind, measure, or filter your coffee, and cleanup is a breeze.

But choosing the best Keurig coffeemaker is not so simple. With a variety of Keurig coffeemakers available, each with their own pros and cons, it can be tough to single out the Keurig machine that's best for you.

The good news is we're here to help. At BestReviews, we do thorough research, test products in our labs and in real-life situations, consult experts, and gather feedback from existing customers. We do not accept free products or perks from manufacturers, so you can trust that our reviews are honest and unbiased.

If you're ready to purchase a Keurig coffeemaker, scroll up to check out BestReviews' top three picks. To find out all you need to know about Keurig coffeemakers and how to pick the right one for you, you've come to the right place.

Keurig coffeemakers are ideal for people who love flavored coffee. K-Cups come in more than 250 flavors.

What Is a Keurig Coffeemaker? What Is a K-Cup?

A Keurig coffeemaker brews coffee using prepackaged pods—or K-Cups—instead of beans or ground coffee. All you have to do is put water in a Keurig coffeemaker, insert a K-Cup, and press start for a reliable cup of coffee.

Many people find Keurig coffeemakers easier than other methods of brewing coffee. What's more, K-Cups come in a huge range of flavors, from vanilla to donut to pumpkin spice, so there's no need for a large collection of syrups if you love flavored coffee.


Keurig Coffeemakers Make More Than Just Coffee

Keurig coffeemakers can make coffee beverages or simply dispense hot water, which is handy for making tea, instant oatmeal, and more.

Know Your Keurig Coffeemakers

Over the years, Keurig has released a range of coffeemakers in different lines. Let's take a look at the pros, cons, and prices of the three most popular lines of Keurig coffeemakers.

Keurig Classic
The Keurig Classic series is the company's basic line of Keurig coffeemakers, encompassing the Mini-Plus series and the Elite Brewing System.

  • Pros: Keurig Classic coffeemakers are more affordable, can use third-party coffee pods, and are very straightforward to use.
  • Cons: Mini-Plus Keurig coffeemakers do not have water reservoirs, so they need to be refilled for every cup. Keurig Classic coffeemakers tend to have fewer features, like temperature control and timers.
  • Price: Keurig Classic coffeemakers cost roughly $75 to $200, depending on the size and range of features.

Keurig 2.0
The Keurig 2.0 series is an updated line of Keurig coffeemakers with a wide range of features. Note that some past Keurig lines, such as Vue, Special Edition, and Platinum Plus, have been replaced by the 2.0 line.

  • Pros: Keurig 2.0 coffeemakers can brew 30-ounce carafes of coffee as well as single mugs. Keurig coffeemakers in the 2.0 line scan the tops of K-Cups to optimize the brew, and some 2.0 machines have temperature control.
  • Cons: Keurig 2.0 coffeemakers can't be used with pods from third parties, only official Keurig K-Cups, and they cost a bit more than Keurig Classic coffeemakers.
  • Price: Keurig 2.0 coffeemakers retail for $130 to $200. Expect more extras from the more expensive Keurig 2.0 coffeemakers.

Keurig Commercial
Keurig coffeemakers in the Keurig Commercial series are designed for commercial or office use.

  • Pros: Keurig Commercial coffeemakers either have large reservoirs or are plumbed into the water line, so you don't have to refill them often. They have stronger pumps and are generally more durable to withstand heavy use.
  • Cons: Keurig Commercial coffeemakers are more expensive than models for home use and can be noisy.
  • Price: Keurig Commercial coffeemakers are priced between $250 and $500, with higher-capacity models at the top of that price range.

Although Keurig 2.0 coffeemakers don't support third-party K-Cups, they do work with Vue cups.

Before You Buy a Keurig Coffeemaker: Features to Consider

Reservoir Size
The water reservoir stores hot water that's ready for instant use, as long as your Keurig coffeemaker is switched on. Keurig coffeemakers have different-size water reservoirs, and some have none, which means you must add water for every cup of coffee. Think about how many people will be using your Keurig coffeemaker, and how often, to choose an appropriate reservoir size.

Water Filter
Some Keurig coffeemakers have built-in water filters. Using filtered water helps decrease mineral deposits so your Keurig coffeemaker doesn't get clogged. If you already own a water filter, you can simply add filtered water to your Keurig coffeemaker yourself, so a built-in filter isn't strictly necessary.

My K-Cup Compatibility
My K-Cup is a reusable product from Keurig that allows you to brew your own coffee instead of picking from the blends available. My K-Cup is ideal for people who have a favorite coffee that's not available in K-Cup form or who prefer the flavor of freshly ground coffee beans. Plus, My K-Cup is much more environmentally friendly than using individual plastic pods, and it's more wallet-friendly too.

When the Keurig 2.0 series was first released, it wasn't compatible with My K-Cup. But you can now buy an updated version of My K-Cup, which can be used with Keurig 2.0 coffeemakers.

Brew Size
With Keurig coffeemakers, you can select from a range of brew sizes to fit your chosen coffee mug. Most Keurig coffeemakers allow you to brew 6-ounce, 8-ounce, and 10-ounce mugs, but some machines also have 4-ounce and 12-ounce options. Keurig coffeemakers in the 2.0 series have a carafe option too, so you can brew 30 ounces in one go.

Temperature Control
Some Keurig coffeemakers let you control the brewing temperature. Since Keurig coffeemakers brew extremely quickly, some experts say a higher temperature gives you a better flavor. With various temperatures to select, you can experiment to find your perfect brew.


Select the Appropriate Pod For Your Brewing Preferences

When brewing a carafe of coffee with your Keurig coffeemaker, you need to use a K-Carafe pod, rather than a K-Cup, which brews a single mug of coffee.

Tips for Making the Most Flavorful Coffee in a Keurig Coffeemaker

  • Shake your K-Cup before putting it in a Keurig coffeemaker. This will evenly distribute the flavors in any flavored drinks.
  • Some 2.0 series Keurig coffeemakers have a timer, so you can set in advance when you want your machine to brew a carafe of coffee.
  • Water boils at a lower temperature at high elevation, so if you live at a high altitude, lower the temperature settings on your Keurig coffeemaker.
  • When using your Keurig coffeemaker at a high altitude, puncture the K-Cups before you put them in the machine. The higher relative pressure inside a K-Cup causes it to bulge at a high altitude, and this can damage the needle on your Keurig coffeemaker.
  • Adding a very tiny pinch of salt to your Keurig coffee can take away the slight bitterness that java from K-Cups can have.
  • K-Cups compatible with Keurig 2.0 coffeemakers tell you what setting to use on the lid, so it's even easier to get a perfect cup of joe every time.
  • If you like extra-strong coffee, you can brew two K-Cups on the lowest water setting into one large mug.
  • While you can buy tea in K-Cups, it's more cost effective to use tea bags and simply use your Keurig coffeemaker's hot-water function.

Some users report that darker roasts tend to taste better than lighter ones when brewed in a Keurig coffeemaker.

Keurig Coffeemaker FAQ

Q. How do you clean a Keurig coffeemaker?
A. Keurig coffeemakers need to be descaled once every one to two months, depending on how often you use your machine. Keurig sells a special descaling fluid that you put in the water reservoir and run through the Keurig coffeemaker. However, many users advise that distilled white vinegar diluted 1:1 with water does the job just as well.

Q. Are K-Cups recyclable?
A. At present, only a few K-Cups are recyclable, but Keurig has pledged that all K-Cups will be recyclable by 2020. If you're concerned about the environmental impact of your Keurig coffeemaker, you can opt to brew coffee in reusable My K-Cups instead.

Q. Do all Keurig coffeemakers have a digital display?
A. Some Keurig coffeemakers have a digital display, allowing you to tinker with the settings right on the screen. More basic Keurig coffeemakers, however, simply have buttons on the outside of the machine.

Using filtered water in your Keurig coffee maker means you won't have to descale it as often.
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