The 5 Best Glass Food Storage Containers on Amazon, According to Reviews

Between meal prepping and storing weeknight leftovers, food containers are essential to your everyday routine. From leak-proof locking lids to built-in dividers for portion control, we've curated a list to help you find the perfect eco-friendly glass food storage containers to match your lifestyle.

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The Best Glass Food Storage Containers, According to Reviews

The Best Glass Food Storage Set for Meal Prep

If you're someone who spends Sunday afternoons prepping meals for the week, these are the ideal glass food storage containers for you. This three-pack of space-saving bento boxes will become such a staple in your weekly routine; you might want to consider purchasing more than one to have on hand for six travel-friendly meals. One five-star reviewer says, "I've been cooking and therefore storing food for over 50 years. I've tried every product in that time, but these are hands-down the best." Featuring built-in dividers with three compartments for portion control and separation, you don't have to worry about measuring out your food or storing it in several containers. Stress-free and mess-freeā€”talk about a win!

Price: $30 (usually $35)

The Best Glass Food Storage Set for Your Pantry

Stylish and versatile, you'll want to show off these premium glass pantry jars every chance you get. This canister set comes with five different sizes to hold a variety of dry goods such as pasta, cereal, oats, nuts, and other bulk items. Aside from the visual appeal of the unique cork lids and modern design, these glass containers will be an asset in your pantry and counter organization. Bonus: You can even use them to make your own terrarium.

Price: $38

The Best Freezer-Safe Glass Food Storage Set

Thanks to the large capacity, you can finally replace your plastic containers with this six-piece microwave-, oven-, freezer-, and dishwasher-safe storage set. This set will be an absolute life-saver when you have plenty of leftovers to save (holiday season will be here before you know it!), want to prepare a large meal in advance to heat it up later, or marinate large portions of meat. With an endless amount of uses and an inexpensive price, these containers are sure to become a storage staple.

Price: $30

The Best Leak-Proof Glass Food Storage Set

It's getting closer to soup season, which means you're going to want to have some reliable storage containers to hold all your delicious leftovers. This sustainable three-piece glass container set is easy-to-clean (top rack dishwasher or hand wash) and leak-proof so you can easily store your favorite meals and take them on-the-go. One reviewer says, "I really love these glass bowls. They're very affordable and sturdy. I put my soups in them and take them to work with no leaks. I highly recommend these." Plus, it is BPA-free so you can store your food in the freezer or reheat in the oven or microwave worry-free.

Price: $19

The Best Value Glass Food Storage Set

If you're in the market for a large set of glass containers to store various amounts of food, look no further. This 18-piece set of clear rectangular and round bowls are the perfect find for ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables; making it easier to choose healthier food options when you see the inside contents from the outside. Each container is labeled with the amount of cups it holds, so you don't have to worry about measuring out your meals. With more than 1,500 reviews, there is no question whether or not you should snatch this amazing deal of an 18-piece set for less than $25. Bonus: This set comes with a two-year limited warranty on the Pyrex glass and plastic lids against manufacturer defect.

Price: $24 (usually $45)

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