Swap Out Knobs & Pulls for a Painless, Paint-Free Cabinet Makeover

Need a quick refresh in your home, or an easy upgrade? With the switch of a knob, you can give your cabinets a whole new look.

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Pattern Play

There's nothing we love more than the clean look of white cabinets, however, sometimes all-white cabinets can get a little boring. Switch things up with a colorful knob that will add the perfect pop to your cherished white cabinets. These beautiful knobs have us dreaming in pastels! Their soft shades and delicate pattern will go perfectly on any cabinet. You'll be able to change up the look of your home in an instant, and have your guests asking where you found these spring-inspired gems!

Price: $10

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Carved red square cabinet knob photo

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A Festive Statement

Be a trendsetter when you treat your kitchen or bathroom cabinets to a serious style upgrade. Knobs come in all shapes and sizes, but this square coral pick has us hooked! Go bold with this vibrant pop of color and unique design when swapping out your knobs and pulls. Take it one step further and mix and match the trendy knob for a look that's completely customized by you.

Price: $4.96

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Gold pull on a white drawer photo

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Golden & Grand

Just in case you missed the memo—gold is in. It's everywhere in your home decor, from kitchen accessories to throw pillows, so why not put it on your cabinets? This striking pull will boost the luxe factor of your home in a heartbeat with its classic design and coveted finish. Be ready for friends and family to ask you all about this stylish find.

Price: $16 - $106

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White flower cabinet knob photo

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Floral Fix

Floral knobs give any room a touch of femininity and elegance. Bring that classic beauty to your kitchen or bathroom with this sculpted flower knob. The hand-sculpted knob will do wonders to liven up your space -- no fresh coat of paint needed here! Let's not forget the pearl white color we're swooning over. The simple color will match a variety of pre-exisiting cabinet styles, need we say more?

Price: $16.97

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Rustic wood and marble drawer pull photo

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Wooden Marble Wonder

We love the look of mixed materials for a variety of things, including knobs and pulls. This chic find perfectly pairs both wood and trendy marble. The rustic wooden ends stand out against the crisp white marble center to create a stunning balance. The best part? These stylish pulls will spruce up virtually any cabinet including the original wooden ones you thought only a coat of paint could fix!

Price: $24

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Simple Shine

Wanting a swap, but not ready to go bold? Opt for a classic chrome pull. Perfect for someone that prefers minimalist styles, this textured pull will be the change you want to see in your bathroom or kitchen. The neutral pull is available in three finishes to match several styles and preferences. We love the idea of pairing this chrome pull with dark wood cabinets.

Price: $10.50

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Compare & Contrast

Bring a touch of elegance and class to your kitchen or bathroom with this stylish knob. This find hits the trifecta with its black, white marble, and gilt combination, perfect for those who love the classics with a little touch of glam. Your cabinets will go from plain to chic with this easy swap. Your guests will be in awe as they check out your cabinets for the first time post-swap. So, what are you waiting for? Get swapping!

Price: $12

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Color Splash

Brighten your kitchen, or any room, when you swap out old knobs for this fresh find. The bright turquoise color will have you dreaming of summer days and sunshine! This convenient pack of six knobs will have you sprucing up your space in no time! Bring some of that happiness indoors and give your home the instant facelift it deserves.

Price: $17.90

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Green and gold drawer pull photo

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Emerald Accents

We know green might seem like a bold color choice, but this handle has swayed us. Give your home a touch of luxury with this jewel-tone find. Accented with gorgeous gold, this pull is a standout choice for any room in your home. We promise after you invest in these pulls you'll be wondering what else you can swap out for this fabulous color.

Price: $26

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