6 Outdoor Tools To Help Get You Through Harsh Winter Conditions

Whether you've already experienced your first snowfall this season or you're anxiously awaiting its arrival, you'll want to have these outdoor tools on hand to prep for the elements. We rounded up the best tools for easy snow removal, like a cordless snow blower, classic hand shovel, and more.

A man shoveling snow with a red shovel
Long snow shovel with a bent handle from The Home Depot photo

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Bent Handle Snow Shovel

When the snowfall is light there's no need to bring out the heavy-duty power tools. This simple snow shovel from The Home Depot will do the trick, and it even has a bent handle to help reduce back strain. You can use it to remove snow from both small driveways and decks and patios, too, thanks to the convenient 18-inch blade.

Buy It: Suncast Snow Shovel, $20, The Home Depot

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Cordless electric snow blower from The Home Depot photo

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Cordless Snow Blower

If you want to eliminate the hassle of dealing with tangled electric snow blower cords, look no further. The EGO cordless electric snow blower is a winter must-have that's totally worth the splurge. It features two LED headlights, handle-mounted chute adjustment, a quick-fold handle for easy storage, and weather-resistant construction that's made to last season after season. Plus, along with the snow blower, two batteries, and a charger, you'll also receive a five-year warranty with purchase, for extra assurance and security.

Buy It: Cordless Electric Snow Blower, $799, The Home Depot

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Mini broadcast spreader from Walmart photo

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Mini Broadcast Spreader

As temperatures start to dip below freezing, it's important to keep your walkways, driveways, and stairways safe. This mini broadcast spreader easily and efficiently coats your driveway and walkway with salt and ice melt—and it can be used again in the spring for lawn fertilizer! Instead of dumping piles of salt in one area (which can be wasteful and ineffective), the Broadcast Spreader evenly distributes the salt to avoid missing any potentially icy spots.

Buy It: Mini Broadcast Spreader, $37, Walmart

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Rolling snow shovel push plow from Amazon photo

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Snow Shovel Push Plow

Shoveling snow can be a daunting and stressful task, but thanks to this push plow you'll be able to clear your space in no time, without straining your back. The Shovel Push Plow has a 30-inch bidirectional construction to plow up to three inches of snow with ease, and it's ideal for removing almost any type of snow. One five-star Amazon reviewer who uses this tool to move fluffy or wet snow says, "it's lightweight, easy to maneuver, and gets the job done quickly."

Buy It: Rolling Snow Shovel Push Plow, $120, Amazon

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Long steel ice chopper from Walmart photo

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Steel Ice Chopper

Slick, icy spots on your driveway or patio will be no match for this steel ice chopper from Walmart—and it's on sale right now for less than $25. It features a shock-absorbing handle that helps to reduce impact and strain on your body, and has a seven-inch carbon steel blade that can break up ice patches in seconds. Make sure to snag this tool now to ensure you home is safe for your guests before your next holiday party!

Buy It: Steel Ice Chopper, $23 (originally $30), Walmart

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Heavy-duty snow plow for riding lawn mowers from The Home Depot photo

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Riding Lawn Mower Snow Plow Attachment

Sometimes a shovel or snow blower just won't cut it, especially if you have a large driveway or parking space. Don't worry, this snow plow attachment connects to most riding lawn mowers to make it easy to remove snow, without the heavy lifting. Its unique design can be used on a variety of surfaces including gravel, and has a spring-loaded blade return that helps protect your equipment from damage. To ensure your machine can handle the snow, we suggest adding tire chains to your cart, too.

Buy It: Snow Plow Attachment, $292, The Home Depot

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