5 Home Essentials to Help You Stay Cool and Comfortable, Even in Sweltering Heat

With summer in full swing, it's that time of year when energy bills go way up (or worse—the air conditioner goes out). From cooling blankets to tower fans, we rounded up cost-effective home essentials that will help keep you cool and comfortable no matter how hot it is outside.

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Rowenta Fresh 180-Degree Tower Fan

If you love your window air conditioner but are looking for something a little more portable, then you may want to consider tower fans. This tower fan can oscillate 180 degrees and is slim enough to fit practically anywhere within range of an outlet. If you're someone who loves to fall asleep to the breeze and white noise a fan provides, you can set the timer to turn this fan off after it runs for as long as eight hours. (If you don't set a timer, it will automatically shut off after 12 hours.) So whether you enjoy having a fan on at night or all day, you'll love the cooling air the Rowenta Fresh circulates around your space.

Price: $129 (usually $165)

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Frigidaire Energy Star Rated 70-Pint Dehumidifier

Warmer weather is usually accompanied by uncomfortable humidity—not to mention moist air can actually make it feel hotter than it is. Take control of the humidity in your home with the Frigidaire Energy Star Rated Dehumidifier. This dehumidifier has more than 4,000 five-star reviews at Walmart, making it a customer favorite. People are pleasantly surprised by the amount of water this 70-pint dehumidifier can pull out of the air; one reviewer says it can even transform a musty room into a space you'll actually enjoy being in.

Price: $230

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Theron 52" Catoe 3 Blade Ceiling Fan with Remote

Save some green on your energy bills and eliminate background noise with this sophisticated three-blade fan. This fan can be neatly mounted to the ceiling and comes with a remote for easy control. With the click of a button, you can switch from summer mode to winter mode. The winter mode spreads warm air evenly, while the summer mode pushes airflow downward for a refreshing, cooling effect.

Price: $250, usually $320

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ZonLi Softest Weighted Blanket

A cooling blanket sounds a little counter-intuitive, right? But some of us just can't sleep without the comforting weight of a blanket, even if it's 100 degrees outside. Luckily, this weighted blanket is super soft and is great for cooling down after a long, hot day. The layers are made out of breathable cotton while the inside is filled with nontoxic, hypoallergenic glass beads. These beads work to weigh down the blanket and keep it cool all night long. Pro tip: We recommend customizing it with your favorite duvet cover to give it a touch of your unique style, and to keep it clean.

Price: from $50

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BedJet V2 Climate Comfort for Beds

If you've ever woken up in the middle of the night sweating, then you understand just how important it is to have a cool bed. The BedJet V2 has a moisture-wicking feature, so no matter if you're always running a hot body temperature or experience night sweats, this mechanism will wick away any dampness, leaving you comfortably dry and cool. Bonus: It also has a heating mode for chilly winter nights.

Price: from $139

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