Bold, Beautiful Backsplash Tile That's Worth a Splurge

Add the perfect accent to your kitchen by choosing backsplash tile that reflects your style. Whether it's a bold, blue pattern or a classic white subway tile, the right backsplash is a great way to stir up conversation at your next gathering.

White subway tile photo

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Can't Beat Classic

You simply can't go wrong with a classic. Gorgeous white subway tile matches virtually any style while creating a clean feel throughout your kitchen. Pair it with colorful cabinets or keep it neutral, either way the simple tile will make a statement all on its own.

Price: $8.98/square foot

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Tin tiles with a unique clover design photo

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Tin Tiles

Think outside the box and use these trendy tin ceiling tiles as a backsplash! This option is fun for those who are looking to add a little vintage flair to their kitchens. Sure to make a statement, this unique metal tile is perfect for any trend-setter. Be ready for guests to ask where you go this bold, one-of-a-kind idea!

Price: $7.25/sheet

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Small blue tiles in various sizes and shades of blue photo

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Blue Beach Mosaic

Whenever we catch a glimpse of these incredible tiles, we can't help but feel like we're at the beach! The crisp blue colors will remind you of the beautiful waters of the Caribbean. We suggest pairing this vibrant tile with white cabinets and a neutral countertop.

Price: $18.49/unit

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3D square aluminum tiles in different sizes photo

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Awe-Inspiring Aluminum

If you love detailing and modern styles then we found the right backsplash for you. This mosaic tile features a 3D raised pattern and brushed aluminum look, making it ideal for any modern home. Complete the look by going bold with black cabinets or matte black fixtures.

Price: $24.95/sheet

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Neutral tile with a white pattern photo

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Arabesque Beauty

We love the idea of creating a backsplash that no one has ever seen, and this one is by far our favorite! With an ornate design and neutral color, this backsplash will pair with a variety of kitchen styles. It's safe to say these delicately shaped tiles will have all of your guests admiring the walls of your kitchen.

Price: $14.96/square foot

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Dark gray chevron tiles photo

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Chic Chevron

If you're looking for a chic, trendy addition to your kitchen look no further. Dark tiles are a great way to create contrast between sleek white cabinets. Choose these deep gray ceramic tiles to give your kitchen the bold pop it needs.

Price: $36.95/square foot

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Small square tiles made of glass in different neutral shades photo

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Gorgeous Glass

We can't deny how much we love the look of neutrals, however, every now and then it's nice to feature sublte color. This tile backsplash blends neutrals with hues of blue to create a unique mosaic we can't help but admire. The glass and stone mix will be a standout feature in any kitchen!

Price: $8.99/sheet

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Shiney, cream tiles in a herringbone pattern photo

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Herringbone Wonder

We can't get enough of this herringbone design for a kitchen backsplash idea. The creamy, iridescent tiles will be a beautiful addition to your space. Pair this pearl-inspired tile with neutral or light blue cabinets for a one-of-a-kind look.

Price: $15.95/square foot

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