11 Must-Haves for a Memorial Day Picnic

Whether you're celebrating in your own backyard or heading to the park for a large gathering, these must-haves will help you host the ultimate Memorial Day picnic.

Wooden picnic basket with straps inside to hold plates, utensils, glasses, and food. photo

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Beautiful Basket

You can't have a Memorial Day picnic without a classic wooden basket to carry all your delicious food in! When you open this charming basket you'll find it already stocked with everything you and your friends need for the perfect picnic. Leather straps inside hold a set of four plates, flatware, wine glasses, cloth napkins, cutting board and a cork screw. All you have to do is bring the food and your favorite bottle of wine and you're set!

Price: $200

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Seagrass tray with retractable food cover. photo

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Serving Solution

Don't let your celebration be ruined by pesky bugs, instead save your dishes by serving them in a tray with a retractable cover. The see-through fabric allows guests to see and smell the tasty treats inside without having to expose them to unwanted critters. When it's time to pack up, simply fold the top down for simple storage. Bonus: Not only is this tray functional, but it'll also make your setup look as good as it tastes thanks to the bamboo shell and seagrass detailing.

Price: $14 (usually $20)

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Striped throw blanket with tassel details on the end. photo

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Trendy Throw

It's time to swap out the old checkered blanket for something a little more modern. Make sure to bring this striped throw blanket to your next picnic so you don't have to sit on itchy grass or worry about staining your clothes. Soft woven texture makes this boho blanket great for relaxing on the lawn after lunch with a good book or to take a short snooze. After your Memorial Day picnic, throw it in the wash when you get home and use it as an accent for your living room.

Price: $59

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Wood-plastic dinner plates. photo

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Eco-Friendly Enamel

There's no need to use more paper than you have to, so save your money and the environment by choosing to use these eco-friendly dinner plates. The neutral shade makes this set a great match with other dinnerware or flatware, and they look beautiful in an outdoor setting. If you'd like to add a pop of color to your picnic,there are two other hues to pick from that'll bring a spring feel to the table.

Price: $27

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Blue acrylic tumbler with texture. photo

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Textured Tumblers

Shattered glass will be a thing of the past when you add a fun twist to your Memorial Day gathering with this set of two aqua tumblers. Each cup has a textured design made from acrylic that kids—and adults—will love. Stack them together and they'll fit nicely inside a picnic basket while heading to the park, or take them on your next camping trip!

Price: $6

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Set of disposable wooden utensils. photo

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Wonderful Wooden Flatware

You've prepared a mouthwatering lunch, packed the dinnerware, but now you need utensils to eat with. Disposable flatware is the way to go if you're heading out to enjoy a Memorial Day picnic because it's easy and convenient, but we suggest ditching the plastic. This wooden cutlery set comes with eight forks, knives, and spoons so you'll have enough to feed a small party. The birch gives them a simple yet charming design that is aesthetically pleasing and they are eco-friendly!

Price: $18

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Set of four round placemats. photo

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Pretty Placemats

Is a tablecloth really a part of the picnic necessities? Not this Memorial Day! Spread a couple of these round placemats across the table and it won't take up as much room in your picnic basket. If a piece of fruit accidentally rolls off your plate it's no big deal, the raffia mat will catch it before it touches the table so it's still edible. When the meal is finished, shake off each mat, and voilà! You have an easy clean up.

Price: $38

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Acrylic pitcher with a pink drink and fruit inside. photo

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Pitcher Perfect

If you're looking for something to hold your lemonade that's accessible to the whole crowd, this clear acrylic pitcher is what your outdoor Memorial Day party needs. The material looks classy like glass, but won't break if it accidentally gets knocked over. The small spout keeps your lemon slices inside the pitcher and allows guests to pour their drinks without getting a cup full of ice. Pro tip: Complete your Memorial Day tablescape by pairing it with the acrylic tumbler set above.

Price: $14 (usually $20)

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Bamboo board cheese tray that expands and has a small drawer for tools. photo

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Say Cheese!

Who says classy meats and cheeses aren't picnic approved? Now dishing out your favorite kinds of cheese just got a whole lot easier. The sliding sections on this swivel serving board resemble a wheel of cheese when opened, and when it's not in use, move it back to the original wedge shape so you can keep it in your cabinet. As an added feature, the small hidden drawer ensures you'll always have a place to keep your cheese knives.

Price: $From $42

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8-piece glass food storage set with snap lids. photo

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Stackable Storage

A glass container set is a must-have when you're planning on hosting a Memorial Day get-together at your local lake or river. Pack your feast in these four dishes with snap-on lids to ensure everything stays fresh and nothing spills on the drive over. After the celebration, take any leftovers home with you and reheat them later, or take the container to work for a quick lunch.

Price: $30

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Set of four printed cloth napkins. photo

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Lovely Linens

Cloth napkins aren't just for formal dinners at home anymore. Now they should be at your Memorial Day bash too—yes, even a picnic! With this set of linens you'll avoid using an unnecessary amount of paper products, and can reuse them for your next event after a cycle in the wash. The blue and white floral motif pairs well with any theme while the cotton fabric makes them soft and pleasant to use. You can even iron them on warm if need be!

Price: $13 (usually $32)

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