Holiday Gift Guide

We scoured the market to find the most fun, functional, and fab-looking presents for everybody from grandparents to rambunctious nephews. Now you can decide who made the nice list.


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Teak Apple Plate

A delicious-looking serving dish for any occasion.

Price: $18

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Mako Flat Bottle Opener

Lovers of craft beer will appreciate these equally crafty openers.

Price: $6

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Honey Tins

A sweet gift in artistic packaging.

Price: $12

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AERIN Ikat Appetizer Plates, Set of 4

Charm an entertainer with timeless plates.

Price: $49.95

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Tobacco Leaf Playing Cards (2 Decks)

Spend a bit more on ornate cards for a family of gamers or a poker-savvy friend.

Price: $16.50

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Odessa Carafe and Tumbler Set

Now that glass of water on their nightstand looks pretty when empty or full.

Price: $14.95

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Jean Dubost Mariniere Steak Knives

A handmade splurge for the cook who craves precision and beauty.

Price: $84

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Valley of Gold Solid Cologne

Your outdoor-loving man can smell like the mountains every day.

Price: $60

get this cologne now

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Cocktail Napkins, Set of 4

Grab this gift for the stylish hostess.

Price: $55

get these napkins now

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Travel Perfume

Twenty perfume wipes to try now—and a makeup pouch to use later.

Price: $24

get this perfume set now

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Republic Redford Belts

Help him build a preppy wardrobe without big spending. Original belt currently unavailable.

Price: $19

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iPhone Charging Bracelet

Fashion and function for a girl on the go.

Price: $149

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Geometric-Print Minaudiere

Colorful acrylic inlays create wearable art.

Price: $59.90

get this mini bag now

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Seersucker Shorty PJ Set

Personalize the pajamas with monogrammed symbols.

Price: $135

get these pjs now

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Anastasia Scarf

Cozy up her favorite jacket.

Price: $199

get this scarf now

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Tait Classic Turbo Flyer

This childhood classic is capable of soaring up to 50 feet.

Price: $18

get this flyer now

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Children's Apron and Mitt Set

Encourage happy kitchen helpers with their own outfit.

Price: $42

get this apron and mitt set now

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Puffin in Bloom Books

Help tweens begin their library with beautified classics.

Price: $16 each

get these books now

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My First Chess Set

Teach your little one this classic game. Quality bonding time included.

Price: $32

get this chess set now

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Butterfly Mask

Let their imaginations fly.

Price: $30

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Felt Instruments

This item is no longer available.


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Pop Art Puzzle

Display as self-assembled art.

Price: $20

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Better Homes & Gardens Wine Club

Give (or receive) a dozen bottles per quarter.

Price: $69.99

join the club now

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Mini Cookbooks

Artful recipe books explore a single ingredient.

Price: $14 each

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Cocktail Mixing Set

For friends who make mixology a tasty science.

Price: $38

get this cocktail mixing set now

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Corkscrew & Pocket Knife

Utilitarianism elevated.

Get This Corkscrew; $38

Get This Pocket Knife; $55


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Biscuit Box

Luxe comfort food delivered right to your door.

Price: $94.95

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Terracotta Bird House

These items are no longer available.


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Gold Polaroid Camera

Snap moments in retro style.

Price: $169

get th

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Agrarian Tool Basket

A tote for tools and harvest.

Price: $39.95 (tools from $25 each)

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