Holiday Decor You Can Enjoy All Season Long

Set the tone in your home with this selection of holiday decor that lasts the entire season. Smile with LED outdoor snowmen and spread holiday cheer with an ornament wreath—oh what fun the holidays are!

A vibrant wreath of ornament globes of different sizes and colors. photo

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Ornate Ornaments

Celebrate the holidays with popping purples, fresh blues, and sunshine yellow globes that add a colorful touch to an otherwise red and green, standard holiday. A vibrant wreath of ornament globes creates a cheerfulness against the white snow and brightens the cold-weathered season into a majestic holiday. Tip: Place your ornament wreath on your front door or in a window to immediately lighten up your space.

Price: $275


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Hanging mason jar lantern with LED string lights inside. photo

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Light Up the Holidays

Add a touch of holiday charm with a Mason jar lantern that sparkles into the night. The LED lights provide warmth and comfort to your home during this magical season with its fiery firefly-like look. Hang these gleaming lanterns all through the house mimicking string light patterns by lining the lanterns up, or place one or two in separate parts of the house for a minimalistic approach. Don't burry this charming lantern in a storage box when Christmas is over, use the lantern for a festive New Year's Eve get together or for outdoor parties in the summer.

Price: $20


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Faux poinsettia potted inside a plastic pot wrapped in burlap. photo

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The Great Holiday Flower

It's red and green all over, yet still lasts all season long. With its bright red flowers and green leaves, a faux poinsettia complements Christmas colors and stands out against the white snow and bare trees. Keep your poinsettia in the house all season long to maintain holiday joy and a sustainable spirit. Decorator's tip: Use the poinsettia as the centerpiece of your dining room table or place it near the base of the fireplace in a large standing vase.

Price: $40

Gold glittering ribbon. photo

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Ribbons, Packages, & Bows

Sparkles and glitter are called for this holiday season to brighten one's spirits from December to March. A glittering golden ribbon can stand alone as a decoration or be used to complement other holiday decor such as a bow on festive wreaths or tied around poinsettia vases. The golden ribbon enhances holiday decor with its glittering aesthetic and adds to present decor transforming it into the holiday spirit. Wrap the glittering ribbon around the staircase railing or create streamers with it to enhance your exisiting decor.

Price: $10

Mercury glass pillar candle holders photo

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Mercury Glass Pillar Candle Holders

Set off a spark this holiday with shining silver candle holders. Their unique design makes for a delicate decoration that stays on the side of sophistication and romance. Place your favorite pillar candles on top and enjoy a charming candlelit dinner on a cold-weather night or celebrate the holiday season by adorning your fireplace mantel with these beauties.

Price: $13–$20


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Natural pinecones with painted white tips. photo

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Snow White Pinecones

Bring the winter wonderland into your home with these painted pinecones. The frosted-like cones add a touch of the winter season into your decor by resembling pinecones covered in snow. Arrange the pinecones into a holiday-themed tray to put on your coffee table, or mix them with faux-berry garland, pine leaves, and a bit of holiday glitter for a festive and complete look.

Price: $6 for a pack of nine

Acrylic snowflake ornaments in different shapes. photo

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Let It Snow(flake)

They say no two snowflakes are the same with each being unique in shape and design. Let it snow in your home with ornament snowflakes that can double as Christmas tree decor and winter decor for the remainder of the season. Just as the saying goes, pick snowflake ornaments in different shapes and designs to create a variety of ornaments that will make your decor visually interesting. Tip: Place a few on a string to hang above doorways or hang each snowflake individually on the wall.

Price: $27 for a pack of 24

A light-up snowman dressed with a scarf and hat. photo

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A Carrot Nose & Buttons Too

Start the holiday season off right in your front yard with a happy snowman lighting up the lawn! Its red scarf, carrot nose, and stick arms bring Frosty to life right in front of your house. Put one or two snowmen close to the house to watch them light up as you pull into the driveway each night. Their smiling faces will bring holiday cheer to the entire neighborhood.

Price: $78

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