6 Must-Have Foot Warmers to Keep You Cozy This Winter

Uncomfortably cold feet will be a thing of the past this winter, thanks to these unbelievably cozy foot warmers. Plus, they make great gifts!

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ActionHeat Rechargeable Battery Heated Insoles

When you think of foot warmers, you may think of at-home solutions like wool socks and thick blankets. This winter, instead of layering on your socks to stay warm, keep your feet toasty and comfortable with these ActionHeat rechargeable heated insoles. These innovative insoles provide comfortable, targeted warmth for up to eight hours and can be easily controlled with a pocket-size remote. Once you choose from one of the two available size options, we suggest attaching the wireless remote to your car keys so you never have to suffer from uncomfortably cold feet again.

Buy It: ActionHeat Rechargeable Battery Heated Insoles, $130, Walmart

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Wicked Good Toe Warmers

You may have heard of hand warmers, but have you ever purchased toe warmers? Available in a pack of 18 from L.L.Bean, these all-natural packets are perfect for putting in your snow boots to keep your feet toasty warm for up to six hours. Wear them out in the snow while building a snowman with family or gift them for holidays as a practical stocking stuffer (no pun intended).

Buy It: Wicked Good Toe Warmers, $30, L.L. Bean

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Bed Buddy Foot & Hand Warmer Gift Set

If you're stumped on what to gift a friend or coworker this season, the Bed Buddy foot and hand warmer gift set is a cozy and affordable option. Available in three different fun colors and patterns, this set features a light aromatherapy fragrance and moist heat to relieve aches and pains while keeping your hands and feet toasty. Simply heat up your gloves and booties in the microwave and re-use as often as you need throughout the winter.

Buy It: Bed Buddy Foot & Hand Warmer Gift Set, $24, Walgreens

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Electric Footwarmer

You could get off the couch and find a pair of slippers everytime your feet get cold, or you could keep this highly-effective electric foot warmer next to your recliner and enjoy immediate satisfaction. Featuring an electric heating pad that gently warms your feet and a soft, sherpa fleece lining for ultimate comfort, this foot warmer is a relaxing way to stay warm this season

Buy It: Electric Footwarmer, $60 (originally $120), Macy's

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HotHands Toe Warmers 20 Pair

When preparing for a cold and snowy winter, it's important to stock up on winter-ready gear like a thick coat, snow boots, and these easy-to-use toe warmers. We recommend adding these adhesive warmers to your socks before putting on your snow boots for up to eight hours of comforting heat. Simply shake to air-activate the warmers and use them anytime you need an extra layer of warmth.

Buy It: HotHands Toe Warmers, from $99, amazon.com

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Electric Heated Warming Pad

If you're constantly cold (despite piling on multiple blanket layers) then it may be time to invest in an electric heating pad. This pad isn't just good for keeping your feet warm; you can also use it under your fitted sheet to warm your back and stomach, or tuck it into your living room chair and use the controller for a DIY heated seat. Available in four neutral colors, this under-$50 heated pad would even make for a great gift this holiday season.

Buy It: Electric Heated Warming Pad, From $50, Amazon

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