18 Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List—Including Your Pet

Holiday shopping doesn't have to be daunting. We rounded up our favorite gift ideas so you can check off everyone on your list. From personalized presents for grandparents to tech gear for siblings, these finds are sure to surprise (and delight) your loved ones as soon as they're unwrapped.

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Gift Ideas for Mom

This leather tote bag is sure to make Mom smile this Christmas. She'll be able to carry all her essentials (plus some miscellaneous items) inside the spacious purse. It's available in two classic colors, so she's bound to love it—you really can't go wrong with the timeless English Saddle or True Black shades. If she likes to unwind with a glass of vino at the end of a long day, we think these wine-inspired bath soaps will also be a hit. The set includes four bars made from different wines—Chardonnay, Cabernet, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Grigio—for a relaxing and fragrant bath or shower. If Mom prefers practical presents, then this instant marinator might be the perfect fit. With vacuum technology, it turns a 24-hour marinade into a 20-minute task. Just place steaks, chicken, or salmon in the bowl, seal it, pump a few times, and let it set. When it's ready, toss the food on the grill or skillet for a delicious dinner.

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Gift Ideas for Dad

These UGG slippers will keep Dad's toes warm and cozy all season long. Plus, their rubber sole means they can travel indoors or out (or maybe just to get the mail). Tip: You can suggest one of your siblings get him a comfy pajama set to go with them. For the father who can't resist a good dad joke, we suggest gifting him these drink rocks. The pun will appeal to his sense of humor (serving drinks on literal rocks), but they are also a practical gift that keeps his scotch or whiskey chilled without diluting the flavor. And if he's always tinkering in the garage or fixing things around the house, this Black and Decker tool kit that features 128 tools—including a versatile cordless drill—will be a great addition to his collection. It'll also help him complete all those home improvement projects on his to-do list.

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Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other

Give the gift of a virtual personal assistant by surprising your significant other with an Echo Plus. It seamlessly integrates with other smart home devices and streams music all with with a simple voice command. And it even has the ability to make phone calls and set reminders. If your special someone is always on the go, another thoughtful tech idea is a pair of wireless headphones. Your partner can use these at the gym, at work, and even at home to watch their favorite shows (particularly if they like to watch TV when you're trying to sleep). A blanket is also a great idea—especially this plush throw—so you two can cuddle up on the couch and enjoy a movie night.

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Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Grandparents love looking at (and showing off!) photos of their grandchildren, and this digital picture frame takes displaying family photos to the next level. With 8GB of memory, it holds up to 30,000 photos so they can reminisce about family trips, school events, and more. Tip: Preload some photos to get them started. The Echo Show is another great gift idea for Grandma and Grandpa. All new from Amazon, the Echo Show 8 includes all the features of the original Echo—ability to make to-do lists, music control, smart home compatibility—but it also features a wide display screen so they can watch shows or movies in HD, view step-by-step recipe instructions, and video chat with their favorite grandkid. For a group gift idea, get your grandparents this customizable cookbook that's filled with conversion tables, photo gallery space, and review sections. Encourage family members to add their own recipes, and leave a few of the pages blank so Grandma and Grandpa can add their signature dishes.

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Gift Ideas for Siblings

One of our editors was given the Kindle Paperwhite by her older brother for Christmas, and she loves it! Take a page from his book (pun intended) and gift the e-reader to your brother or sister so they can enjoy their favorite literary works anywhere they go. For the coffee connoisseur, this Hamilton Beach coffee maker makes the perfect gift—and the perfect cup of joe. It brews 12 cups, but instead of using a carafe, it stores coffee inside a tank to keep it warm and fresh for up to four hours. They can even dispense it into a thermos for a grab-and-go drink. And if your sibling has set fitness goals for the new year, gift them the Fitbit Charge 3. Not only does it count calories, measure heart rate, and sync with a smartphone, but it also shows you support their athletic ambitions.

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Gift Ideas for Pets

Don't leave the family dog or cat off your holiday shopping list! For your favorite pup, this wishbone chew toy is a satisfying treat. It's made with bacon and features deep grooves, allowing them to get a good grip with every flavorful bite. For your feline friend, this roller circuit is sure to be a hit. The ball lights up as soon as they paw it and zooms around the track. They can play alone, or you can join the fun, too. Whether you have a cat, dog, or both, they can use this automatic water dispenser to get a drink whenever they need one. Its carbon filter removes potentially harmful bacteria and particles, while it's free-falling spout makes lapping up water more fun. Plus, it means fewer refills on your end, so it's really a gift for everyone.

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