Take Your Halloween Decorations to the Next Level With These 5 Realistic-Looking Animatronics

Set a spooky Halloween scene—indoors or out—with these life-like animatronics from Best Choice Products.

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Animatronic Werewolf from Best Choice Products photo

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Howling Hudson Animatronic Werewolf

Even if Halloween doesn't fall on a full moon this year, you'll be able to spook any trick-o-treaters who dare approach your porch with this werewolf. Standing at a full 5-feet, with poseable arms, sound- and motion-activated movements, and a sound loop of roars and growls, this werewolf is a fun fright to behold.

Buy It: Howling Hudson Animatronic Werewolf, $65 (originally $100), Best Choice Products

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Scary Hary Killer Animatronic Clown from Best Choice Products photo

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Scary Harry Animatronic Killer Clown

If you're really looking to take your Halloween decor to the next level, you're going to need a killer clown. The animatronic clown won't lure trick-or-treaters down into the depths of the sewer, but it will strike fright thanks to its creepy taglines and glowing red eyes. Tie a red balloon to its hand to maximize the effect.

Buy It: Scary Harry Animatronic Killer Clown, $65 (originally $80), Best Choice Products

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Scarecrow Animatronic from Best Choice Product photo

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Husker the Corn Keeper Animatronic Scarecrow

Whether it's guarding a cornfield or just your candy bucket, this animatronic decoration puts the "scare" in scarecrow. The motion-sensored device comes to life whenever someone dares to approach, flashing its eyes and growling a variety of phrases. Since you can set it indoors or out, try moving it around throughout the Halloween season to keep the frights fresh.

Buy It: Husker the Corn Keeper Animatronic Scarecrow, $60 (originally $100), Best Choice Products

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Wicked Wanda Animatronic Witch from Best Choice Products photo

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Wicked Wanda Animatronic Witch

Wicked Wanda is 5-feet tall, so she'll loom over your guests, waving her arms and cackling when she hears someone approaching. Her head even moves to make her feel more lifelike. Tip: Her LED red eyes glow in the dark so hide her in a dark corner to maximize the scares.

Buy It: Wicked Wanda Animatronic Witch, $65 (originally $100), Best Choice Products

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Haunted Holly Animatronic Doll from Best Choice Products photo

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Haunted Holly Animatronic Doll

Forget the witches' brew—this animatronic doll is about to be the most popular attraction at your Halloween party. It not only lights up and speaks freaky phrases like "Mommy, I can't find you," but the doll is on wheels so it can roam through the rooms as it pleases, chasing guests along the way. It's just the thing to turn your space into the best haunted house on the block.

Buy It: Haunted Holly Animatronic Doll, $50 (originally $65), Best Choice Products

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