Our Editors' Top Memorial Day Deals from Target

Target isn't messing around this Memorial Day, and we've made shopping easy by putting together a list of must-haves you won't want to miss.

Two silver bowls filled with plants hanging inside photo

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Target Memorial Day Deal #8: Metal Hanging Planters

Make your entry more inviting for guests as they enter your home for a Memorial Day get-together by having these novelty planters on your front porch. They come in two sizes, so we suggest putting an arrangement of succulents inside the smaller one, and for a more colorful ensemble plant petunias in the larger planter. You can unhook the silver bowls from where they hang whenever your flowers may need more soil; otherwise, let your plants soak up the sun and watch them grow.

Price: $63

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Cream table runner with silver dotted detailing photo

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Target Memorial Day Deal #7: Table Runner

Linens are an important piece to any place setting, and our editors are currently loving this table runner from Target's Project62 line. With its dotted pattern and cream material, it will fit perfectly in your boho-inspired dining room. To finish the look, pull up a couple of rattan chairs, set out your colorful plates, and place decorative vines along the table on top of the runner—and don't forget to add candles as your centerpiece!

Price: $22

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Rattan bar cart with two shelves photo

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Target Memorial Day Deal #6: Rattan Bar Cart

If your kitchen is in need of extra space, you have to don't break the bank by installing more shelves or a kitchen island—this bar cart can be your solution. Instead of letting your coffee machine take up room on your counter, transform this cart into your own coffee station by placing all the necessities on the top shelf and putting a few faux plants on the bottom to match the natural style of the woven rattan. Not only is this bar cart functional, but it'll be a great addition to your decor.

Price: $149.99

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Gray tufted ottoman with storage space inside photo

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Target Memorial Day Deal #5: Tufted Ottoman

Need a little more storage space in your bedroom but don't want to settle for plastic bins? Store your extra sheets and blankets while still matching your room's aesthetic with a gray tufted ottoman that doubles as a bench. Set it at the end of your bed for easy access, or place it next to the window so you can have a relaxing reading space with natural light. Pro tip: You can also use it to hold your off-season clothes to make more room in your closet.

Price: $130

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Black suitcase record player. photo

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Target Memorial Day Deal #4: Record Player

This record player is music to our ears, and it can be for your Memorial Day celebration too. Even if you don't have a record collection you can still jam out to your favorite tunes by using an AUX cord or by connecting it to your Bluetooth device. Whether you're going from the living room to the kitchen, or want to bring the party outside, this portable turntable can be moved to any room in your home with ease thanks to the lightweight base. Bonus: There are built-in speakers on the front so you won't have to worry about hooking them up or buying new ones.

Price: $70

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Round natural stone fire table photo

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Target Memorial Day Deal #3: Fire Table

Summer is right around the corner and we all know what that means—bonfires! Invite your friends over for a good old-fashioned barbecue this Memorial Day, complete with hamburgers and hotdogs. Then when the sun goes down, keep the party going by gathering around this fire table. The smooth round cement top modernizes the look, while the natural stone base has earthy tones to complement your favorite potted plants outdoors.

Price: $369

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Canon camera set that includes the Rebel T6, two lenses, camera bag, and memory card. photo

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Target Memorial Day Deal #2: Canon Camera Set

Preserve the storage space on your smartphone and make sure you don't miss out on life's greatest moments. With this Canon camera set you'll have everything you need to take high-quality photos you can hang in your home or keep in your wallet. This digital DSLR camera has built-in flash and autofocus so you can take pictures in almost any lighting, as well as Wi-Fi technology to make sharing photos on social media even easier. The set comes with the Canon Rebel T6 Camera, one small lens, a larger zoom lens, a memory card, battery charger, and a bag to keep everything in once place.

Price: $400

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Black Keurig coffee maker pouring coffee into a single blue mug photo

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Target Memorial Day Deal #1: Keurig K-Elite

Coming in at number one on our list (and number one in our hearts) is coffee, of course. This Keurig K-Elite is a huge upgrade from an old coffee pot. It features a strong brew setting and an iced coffee setting to ensure you get the perfect cup weather it's a nice summer day or you're working long hours in the office. No matter if your mug is big or small, there's a button for that, and the quiet technology makes sure your midafternoon brew won't disturb others around you.

Price: $170

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