Our Editors' Top Memorial Day Deals from Macy's

Whether you're hunting for discounted tech or wanting to freshen up your home decor there's something for everyone on our editors' Macy's Memorial Day deals wish list.

Cobalt vases with florals and stripes painted on them photo

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Macy's Memorial Day Deals Pick #9: Lenox Painted Indigo Vases

First up on our Macy's Memorial Day deals wish list: these indigo vases. Whether you house your plants inside them or display each piece alone, they will add a pop of personality to your space. Crafted of stoneware, these vases get their style from painted organic shapes and florals along with a white glaze finish. The collection features five size and pattern variations so you can pick your favorite; or if you love them as much as we do, get one of each! Add them to your mantel, use them to spruce up your dining table, or set them on a bookcase. Regardless where you place them, they will make a lovely addition to your home decor.

Price: From $50

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Six pastel-colored cotton sheets photo

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Macy's Memorial Day Deals Pick #7: Hotel Collection Cotton 525-Thread Count Sheets

With hotter days right around the corner you'll want to switch out your bedding with cooler options for summer. To do that, we recommend using these cotton sheets that won't overheat like other options. From Macy's Hotel Collection, this sheet set is designed to feel (and look) like the luxurious linens found in hotels. In addition to their 525-thread count, the bedding essentials are yarn-dyed to give them an elegant aesthetic. Available in six pastel shades you can best match your current set; but our editors' favorites are ash or cloud for their colors' soothing properties.

Price: From $120

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10 different sized pop containers from OXO photo

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Macy's Memorial Day Deals Pick #6: OXO 10-Piece Pop Container Set

If you're looking for a pantry organization solution, then you're going to love this next Memorial Day find. Designed for all your snacking needs, the Pop Container Set from OXO features an airtight seal lid, which you activate with just the press of a button. The set features 10 rectangular pieces in five different sizes designed specifically to stack on top of one another for maximum organization. Not to mention their rounded edges and wide openings fit a measuring cup and make pouring a breeze. Bonus: The lids detach into three pieces so you can clean every crevice and keep your snack containers squeaky clean.

Price: $167

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Couch, two chairs, and matching table with metal gray legs photo

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Macy's Memorial Day Deals Pick #5: Aruba Grey Aluminum Outdoor Four-Piece Seating Set

We are so ready for some fun patio parties; and If you're hosting a backyard soiree, make sure your space is prepared with this outdoor seating set. Its rust-proof aluminum frame adds style and sophistication while its deep-set cushions enhance the comfort level. With two club chairs, a sofa, and matching coffee table, this bundle is the perfect place for guests to sit. Arrange the chairs across from the sofa to allow for stimulating conversations or try angling your pieces next to each other during cocktail hour.

Price: $4,396

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Nest thermostat at Macy's photo

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Macy's Memorial Day Deals Pick #4: Nest 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat

Gone are the days when you and your family fought over the thermostat. With the Nest Third Generation Thermostat, you can alter your house's temperature anywhere, even when you're not home. Simply hook up your smart home device with the included installation guide, and then download the Nest app. With it, you'll be able to change the degrees, set auto-timers, and access all the other special features like weather aware and system alerts.You'll also receive energy history and home reports so you can make informed setting decisions that save you money in the long run.

Price: $249

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Stainless-steel cookware set at Macy's photo

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Macy's Memorial Day Deals Pick #3: All-Clad Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set

We can't say no to some beautiful pots and pans, and this 10-piece cookware set definitely makes our Memorial Day deals wish list. Made of durable stainless steel, each piece also features an aluminum center which balances heat so your culinary creations cook evenly. When you're finished in the kitchen, run them through the dishwasher to keep them in tip top shape. Pro tip: They shouldn't rust or break due to their three-ply bonded design, but if something does happen, take advantage of the included lifetime warranty so you can enjoy your set for years to come.

Price: $880

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Coravin two-wine System from Macy's photo

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Macy's Memorial Day Deals Pick #2: Coravin Model Two Wine System

Our editors love products that simplify processes, and that's exactly why this wine system makes our list. With its innovative design you'll be able to enjoy a single glass of red without sacrificing its long-term flavor. The secret lies in the needle, which punctures a tiny hole that allows you to pour wine without removing the cork. With its seal intact, the bottle won't oxidate, meaning you can put it back on the shelf (or fridge) and it won't lose the fresh taste even after several days!

Price: $300

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Gray wooden desk with bookshelf and rolling filing cabinet photo

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Macy's Memorial Day Deals Pick #1: Ridgeway Home Office Furniture Set

Coming in at number one on our editors' Macy's Memorial Day deals wish list is this home office set. With a peninsula-style bookcase, return desk, and mobile filing cabinet you've got everything you need in one purchase. Acacia veneer and a sleek design transforms these pieces into a modern masterpiece. Our favorite feature: the built-in power docks and USB ports that make connecting so much easier. Use it in your own study, or add it to your kids room to give them the perfect homework station.

Price: $1,058

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