Our Editors Weigh in on Amazon's Best Sellers

What's big this year in home and garden? Our editors take a look at Amazon's best sellers list to see what's currently trending on the site and what we can expect from upcoming home trends.

Collage of different home decor, from left to right there's a gallery wall, a macramé wall hanging, and floating shelves. photo

Amazon Best Sellers: What's Trending in Home Decor

Amazon has almost always been the go-to site for books and electronics, but since its creation it has expanded to include home decor, home improvement, kids goodies, and more. Now considered the most valuable retailer in the U.S., Amazon is a major competitor for home and garden essentials, which is why we decided to take a look at what they think is trending and peek at some of their best-selling products.

While Amazon isn't necessarily thought of as the hot spot to buy home decor, consumers will soon be rethinking the way they shop and heading over to the site for their goods. The site has noticeably updated their aesthetic by including pictures of rooms so that users can "shop the look" and is now featuring several on-trend products that could be found at home store favorites.

A few of our favorite Amazon best sellers from the home decor category include a rustic wooden framed chalkboard, rustic floating shelves, a wreath, and a macramé wall hanging. These best sellers speak to several trends that we're currently seeing in home decor: rustic/farmhouse decor, gallery walls, incorporating greenery, and bringing gypsy-inspired style to modern homes. Additionally, Amazon has chosen to feature a few trends of its own on the home decor funnel page. One of these trends is Hygge style, a Danish-inspired way of decorating that focuses on creating a cozy space. We've seen Hygge emerging as a trend over the past year thanks to retailers like Amara and home designers like Natalie Myers and Kristianne Watts. You can incorporate Hygge style into your own home by introducing natural woods, embracing a minimal decorating style, and emphasizing the pieces that are important to you by creating a gallery wall.

Other trends on Amazon that caught our eye are: metallic colors and tones, pops of citrus, and touches of texture. Our favorite way to incorporate texture is by adding in throw pillows and chunky knit blankets. Texture instantly draws the eye and helps cozy up a space that might need a little extra love.

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Collage of different bed and bath essentials including: bath rug, white bedding set, throw blankets on a ladder, white fuzzy throw pillow, and marble bathroom accessory set. photo

Amazon Best Sellers: What's Trending in Bed & Bath

Amazon is here to challenge you to rethink the way you shop for bed and bath products as it brings modern styles to life with a plethora of options. Gone are the days when shopping for high-quality sheets meant driving to a department store and paying an arm and a leg just to refresh your bedroom. As up-to-date with current trends as any department store, Amazon allows you to shop quality bedding online so you can revamp your space with ease. Choose from a variety of price points, products, and styles to create the dream bedroom you've been wanting.

A few of our favorite Amazon best sellers in the bedding category include: a white duvet cover set, microfiber bed sheets, a white fuzzy throw pillow, an allergy-control pillow protector, and a cotton throw blanket. These best sellers speak to a few trends we've seen emerging over the last few months—texture, tassels and fringe, and minimalism. Embrace the minimalist trend when you decorate with a neutral color palette, and don't overdo your decorations. In the bedroom, opt for an all-white comforter, neutral gray walls, and decorate with a few simple accent pillows (such as one with an oh-so-touchable texture) and a throw blanket. To finish your space we suggest adding a simple gallery wall of black-and-white photos.

As far as bathroom products go, Amazon brings high-class style and marries it with practicality—something our editors really appreciate! Amazon's best sellers in the bath category include: a stunning faux-marble accessory set, a bright white cotton towel set, and a gray microfiber shag bath rug. These practical-yet-stylish best sellers fit perfectly with the marble/clean elegance trend we're seeing pop up everywhere and the neutral color palettes that have been trending for a while now.

Keep the minimalism flow going from your bedroom to your master bath when you bring both sets of these Amazon best sellers together. The faux-marble four-piece accessory set will bring a modern charm to a white-and-gray bathroom while tying in nicely with both the gray bath mat and white towels. Keeping a neutral palette in both spaces ensures that you'll have a cohesive look throughout your home—something the BH&G editors consider a must!

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Cognac leather sofa sitting against a black wall. photo

Amazon Best Sellers: What's Trending in Furniture

Amazon's best sellers in the furniture category scream one specific trend to us, modern farmhouse. Thanks to famous designers Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper and Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak Hawk of Good Bones, the modern-farmhouse style has really taken off over the last five years, and Amazon is right on track based on its best-selling products.

We honed in on four furniture categories on Amazon to get a well-rounded look into what's best selling on the site. In dining room furniture, our favorite best-selling product was a three-piece dining set. This set features a modern table and two matching benches. The clean lines and simple design give it a contemporary aesthetic, while the two benches make it feel farmhouse-inspired. When taking a look at the living room furniture best sellers, we saw that modern style was carrying through to other furniture categories. Our favorite Amazon best seller in living room furniture was a midcentury-modern dark gray sofa. The perfect-for-two sofa features fabric upholstery and natural-finished wooden legs. We continued our look into Amazon's best-selling products by checking out the bedroom furniture category, where we were immediately stunned by a modern-meets-rustic bed frame. The ironline metal and wood platform bed comes in four different sizes and epitomizes that modern farmhouse style we love! (The best part, and one reason we're raving about Amazon, is this bed cost under $250!) Last but not least, our editors took a look at Amazon's best sellers for kitchen furniture. Here we found another farmhouse-inspired piece we just had to add to our shopping cart, a kitchen cart. For those who are short on space, a rolling cart/island makes a wonderful addition to the kitchen. We love this one for its rustic-yet-modern look and awesome storage.

Overall, we found that Amazon's furniture best sellers are clearly in-tune with what's trending in home. In addition to the modern-farmhouse trend, Amazon also featured a few trends of its own including: laid-back living—inspired by the Danish trend Hygge—and modern desert style. We felt most inspired by the modern desert style Amazon is currently featuring. You can bring this look to your space by shopping for leather accents (such as a couch) and incorporating western prints by adding an area rug or throw pillows.

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Collage of kitchen essentials with the first photo being of an actual kitchen, the second of an Instant Pot, and the third a cutting board with meat on it. photo

Amazon Best Sellers: What's Trending in Kitchen

As far as kitchen trends go (and Amazon best sellers), we have two words for you: Instant Pot. In March of this year, the Instant Pot ranked number one in sales on Amazon—according to data, over one million purchases were made in just one month! The Instant Pot has gained in popularity as the idea of pressure cooking has resurfaced and become a staple in homes across America. The easy-to-use, time-saving pressure cooker has revamped the way we plan and make meals for our families, and we don't see this kitchen trend going away anytime soon. (If you can't get enough of the Instant Pot be sure to check out our editors' five favorite Instant Pots and what to do with them!)

Other best selling products on Amazon are a stainless steel cookware set, a Hamilton Beach food processor, a nonstick bakeware set, a juicer, and a Keurig coffee maker. These Amazon best sellers allow us to predict a few kitchen trends that we think will continue to grow. The stainless steel cookware and nonstick bakeware set show that convenience and easy cleanup still reign supreme when it comes to kitchen products. And the Keurig coffee maker as a best seller should come as no surprise—we still love the convenience of a grab-and-go single cup of coffee, especially when we may have hit the snooze a few too many times.

Aside from appliances, bakeware, and co

okware trends, Amazon is also right on track with the colors of products they're choosing to feature prominently. We noticed many featured products that are neutral in nature, consisting of blacks, grays, and whites. This palette is consistent with trends we're seeing in the kitchen, with the exception of a few colors such as millennial pink.

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Collage of outdoor photos including furniture, lights, and a grill. photo

Amazon Best Sellers: What's Trending in Outdoor & Garden

After diving into Amazon's list of best sellers in the outdoor and garden category, we were able to get a good idea of what's trending on the online retail giant's site. According to a data report, swimming pools as a subcategory has risen over 1,200 percent in the last month, and wind sculptures and spinners have also risen over 1,000 percent. While the increase in these subcategories is definitely influenced by the change of seasons, it's interesting to note that those specific categories are performing better than outdoor furniture or outdoor storage.

As far as Amazon best sellers go, we found that string lights, gas grills, and fire pits are among the top of the list. This is consistent with other outdoor and garden trends we've seen over the last few years. Fire pits are especially trendy around the spring and fall seasons, with the height of the fire pit season being around October. Overall, these Amazon best sellers are set around one specific trend—the rise of outdoor entertaining! Especially during warmer months, people love to take the party outside and enjoy the nice weather with family and friends, whether that be during a luau-themed get-together or an afternoon pool party. A few other Amazon best sellers that our editors really love are an all-weather outdoor storage bench and a five-piece outdoor furniture set—both perfect for outdoor entertaining.

To set up your ultimate outdoor hangout, we have a few guidelines:

  • Invest in quality outdoor furniture that will stand the test of time and the sun. When you buy a conversation set or an outdoor sectional it's important to look for the following qualities: strong construction (we prefer outdoor sets made with steel frames), comfort, easy cleaning, and weather-resistant properties.

  • Pair your long-lasting outdoor furniture with an umbrella to keep your family shaded from the sun when necessary.

  • Get outdoor storage that blends seamlessly with your outdoor furniture. Outdoor storage boxes and benches are essential for storing your throw pillows and cushions when not in use, even if they are weather-resistant!

  • Don't forget about investing in a high-quality grill. Whether you prefer propane or charcoal, having a grill for summer gatherings is an absolute must.

  • Last but not least, it's always fun to have a fire pit in your backyard. Great for roasting marshmallows and snuggling up to on chillier nights, fire pits always make for a fun addition! Pro tip: Make sure you check your city ordinances; some cities don't allow an open flame in town, in which case you'll need a fire pit with a spark screen or cover.

Honorable mention: In the garden category, we have seen a huge rise in garden stools. Whether used indoors or out, garden stools are a functional piece that can also double as decor—a real win in our books!

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Two images side by side: left image is of a before shot, right image is an after shot. photo

Amazon Best Sellers: What's Trending in Home Improvement

With DIY and house flipping on the rise thanks to numerous shows that focus on the subject, it's no wonder home improvement is trending big this year. Because home improvement is such a broad category, we went ahead and picked three of our favorite Amazon best sellers to share with you.

First up, a Dewalt cordless drill kit. Essential for almost any home improvement project you're looking to tackle, this drill kit is compact and lightweight. It has a high speed transmission and comes with a variety of options at different price points: drill with area light, drill with circular saw, drill with titanium speed tip drill bit set, and drill with USB power source. Weighing in at just 3.64 pounds, this drill is light but mighty and will certainly help you get your next big project done.

Next, we have a tool bucket complete with all the pockets you could need to store your tools in a handy and orderly fashion. This highly durable tool bucket fits onto most 5-gallon buckets and features 30 pockets for storage, including three loops on the inside that are great for hammers and drills. This Bucket Boss tool organizer will help make keeping track of your tools easier than ever so that you're ready to conquer your next project.

Last but certainly not least, an industrial-style pendant light. A definite home improvement favorite, this spherical light is so in-tune with the latest home trends. The globe pendant is styled to match that sought-after industrial-meets-rustic home trend we're seeing everywhere. The metal pendant comes in an oil-rubbed bronze color and features an adjustable plastic cord. It's safe to say we're sold on this light fixture for our next home reno!

While Amazon's best sellers in the home improvement category are certainly necessary, they don't really speak to the latest trends that we're seeing, aside from the industrial pendant. The home improvement trends we're following include: subway tile, patterned tile, farmhouse kitchen sinks, and shiplap. In addition to those trends, we recommend anyone that's remodeling to keep in mind neutral paint palettes. Having neutral gray or off-white walls is essential for boosting your resale value!

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Collage of electronics: top photo is of a mac desktop, bottom left photo is of a keyboard, bottom right photo is of a tablet. photo

BONUS: What's Trending in Electronics According to Amazon

Smart home, smart home, smart home! Amazon is certainly known for its smart home gadgets (hey, Alexa) and for good reason, too. With a special section dedicated to smart homes alone, Amazon is paving the way for other retailers. Under the smart home category, consumers can shop by: lighting, outlets, thermostats, door locks, cameras, TV and video, and more. There's also a section dedicated to smart home devices that work with Amazon's smart home software, Alexa. Other than Amazon-branded products, other Amazon best sellers include a GPS system, a home camera surveillance system, and a Roku smart TV.

Our favorite Amazon best seller home camera surveillance system was the YI 1080p Home Camera. According to a data report, camera surveillance systems being sold on Amazon were up over 150 percent in March. We especially love this camera because it features two-way audio, activity alerts, and has enhanced night vision. It can also pair with Apple and Android devices so that you can monitor your pets or home wherever you are. As for another Amazon best seller that's on the rise, the 55-Inch Roku Smart TV was up nearly 500 percent in March. Additionally, Samsung and SanDisk were considered top brands, each with over three million purchases in a single month.

In general, Amazon's best sellers are in-line with electronics we're seeing trending for home. People are more interested in watching their pets during the day, streaming music and video, and making sure their home is up-to-date with the latest security and smart devices.

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