16 Picks to Help You Pull Off a Bold Eclectic Space

Diversity in furnishings is easy to adore but tricky to accomplish, which is why we have compiled 16 products from Overstock that will help you attain a dreamy space without having to settle on just one style. From a combination of finishes to a variety of textures, these decor finds are just what you need to master one version of a bold, eclectic living space.

Gold coffee table with mirror finish on edges photo

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Mirror-Finished Coffee Table

Make your eclectic living space shine by having a bold piece of furniture as your statement-making item in the room. This gold-tone, mirrored coffee table will reflect your personal style, which will impress your many guests. The abstract shape and durable design make this table the perfect piece to have in the center of your eclectic living space. It's wide enough to display your decorative accents and still use it to place drinks on when hosting a small get together!

Price: $3,151.49

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White sofa from Overstock photo

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Lionel White Deep Seat Sofa

Add a modern touch to your eclectic living room by choosing this deep white sofa as your main seating. While sitting in style, you'll find yourself never wanting to leave once you take a seat on this comfortable couch. It's filled with down feathers and memory foam cushions for ideal comfort and coziness. Have a little fun and style with colorful, textured throw pillows to brighten up this contemporary cotton couch.

Price: $1,441.99

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Brass floor lamp photo

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INK+IVY Arlo Gold Floor Lamp

Lamps aren't just for lighting these days, they also contribute to the overall decor of your room. Save table space and go with a traditional floor lamp to illuminate the room. The lighting from above also shines down on your furniture giving it an extra glow. This brass floor lamp pairs nicely with the mirror-finished coffee table and the rest of your eclectic pieces.

Price: $318.44

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Black lounge chair with faux leather fabric photo

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Faux Leather Wooden Lounge Chair

Mixing and matching fabrics throughout a room can pull a space together by adding the right amount of balance. This faux leather chair has a simple design that pairs nicely with the deep white sofa couch. The soft textures, without flashy prints, can make the space feel at ease and homey. Add more eclectic texture and pattern to the room by placing a printed throw pillow on the chair. Style tip: Drape a woven blanket on the backrest to add some color and design, instead of stashing it in a basket where the beauty of the throw can't be seen.

Price: $149.49

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Woven chair from Overstock photo

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Crafted Home Hattie Living Room Chair

The best part about decorating with an eclectic style in mind is you have the option to play with a variety of furnishings and textures. To keep things cohesive and not too overwhelming in your eclectic space, add this neutral woven chair into the furniture assortment. The unique silhouette and design make this the perfect accent chair to complement the deep white sofa and your bohemian style decor.

Price: $558.64

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Tan throw pillow with red, purple, and gold pattern photo

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Decorative Sarreguemines Throw Pillow

If you're looking to add a touch of color to your neutral eclectic room then do it sparingly with throw pillows. So as not to overdo it, this throw pillow has the perfect combination of an eye-popping design paired with a subtle, yet brilliant pattern to make your sofa standout. Mix and match with other patterns for a unique arrangement you're sure to love.

Price: $48.02

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Throw pillow with black and tan tribal pattern photo

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Nikki Chu Tribal Pattern Pillow

Add a modern, edgy style to your eclectic room by placing this geometrically printed throw pillow on your Lionel deep sofa couch. With the various styles you're working to incorporate, you can pull them all together with the right collection of throw pillows. The black color and gold trim keep things neutral and comfortable throughout the room. Those colors also look great paired with the cognac, saddle pillow lounge chair.

Price: $136.99

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Footstool with blue and tan upholstery photo

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Herat Oriental Round Footstool

Every room deserves a one-of-a-kind piece that has an interesting story behind it. After reading about this oriental round footstool, it'll turn into your must-have piece to add to your living room. Handmade in Jodhpur, no footstool is made the same. They are designed by local villagers, and the intricate patterns are created on flat-weave kilims. Use this piece as an extra seat, footstool, or put a chic serving tray on top for an additional eclectic tablespace.

Price: $130.99

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Lounge chair in saddle brown photo

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Saddle Pillow Lounge Chair

It can be challenging to decide on a specific style to decorate your space—because let's face it, we love it all! Fortunately, an eclectic style allows you have it all while doing it tastefully. This Scandinavian-style lounge chair can easily be placed next to the bohemian woven chair without it looking like you tried too hard. Add some fuzzy throw pillows and a rug underneath to enjoy a touch of boho in your eclectic space.

Price: $249.99

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Black and white throw pillow photo

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Nikki Chu Tribal Pattern Pillow

It can be difficult to choose the perfect pillow to add to your eclectic sofa collection, especially with the numerous styles you might be already using in your living space. Make things easy on yourself by sticking to the same color scheme. This Ikat, tribal pattern pillow flows nicely with the geometric and Sarreguemines throw pillows. It even has a tiny offset tassel for added texture!

Price: $111.99

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Lamp with three-way switch photo

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Catalina Carved Table Lamp

Create a cozy, inviting space by adding some extra light to your bold, eclectic living space. This wooden, carved table lamp has LED lighting and offers a three-way switch for easy utilization. Style tip: Offering various of levels of light can show off the wall art and decor accents in different parts of the room. This table lamp complements the wooden accents that are in the furnishings throughout the room.

Price: $148.49

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Throw pillow with black and white embroidery photo

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Kosas Home Embroidered Throw Pillow

Throw pillows are the easiest way to add eclectic style to your living space. Freshen your room fast by having mix and match throw pillows on the sofa and accent chairs. Stick to the "rule of three" by only using three designs, and add this embroidered floral patterned pillow with the geometric and print styled ones. This design can be kept out year-round as it is basic and neutral along with the rest of your collection.

Price: $61.99

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Black and white reversible tassel rug photo

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Handmade Reversible Tassel Rug

It's hard to realize how much adding a rug to a room can decoratively enliven your space. That is until you incorporate one. This tassel rug is the perfect piece to set the tone for your entire eclectic living space. It's handwoven from luxurious wool that creates a wonderful geometric pattern perfect for tying in your variety of styles. Bonus: This rug is reversible, so you'll feel like you've hit the carpet jackpot when you accidentally to spill something on it right before your small get together. Just flip it over like it never happened!

Price: $349.99

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Throw pillow with birds on it photo

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Tribal Pattern Fill Pillow

Throw pillows can be art too! Instead of filling your living room full of geometric throw pillows, give your couch a variety of designs for the eye to look at by adding this tribal pattern pillow to your display. The blackbird design gives it an earthy feel for your eclectically styled living space. It adds a touch a boho to your modern room.

Price: $49.99

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Palm leaf pillow cover photo

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Tropical Palm Leaf Pillow Cover, Set of 2

Add an exotic touch to your living room by throwing this tropical palm leaf pillow into your cushion assortment. Its bright splash of color will make an eye-catching appearance compared to more neutral staples. Decorate with a dash of the islands to complete your bold, eclectic throw pillow collection.

Price: $76.99

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Oval basket made in Kenya photo

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Ceremonial Oval Basket

Decorate your mirror-finished coffee table with a meaningful decor accent. This oval basket is handwoven in Kenya where each basket symbolizes something different. Fill it with faux foliage for the last finishing detail to your eclectic living space.

Price: $41.49

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