How To Design An Amazing Mid-Century Modern Home You'll Love

We've rounded up everything from coffee tables to curtains to help you achieve a true Mid-Century Modern home aesthetic. These elements channel an eclectic mix of retro to contemporary, so you're sure to find something that meets your ideal standard of what it really means to have a Mid-Century Mod home. Blending mid-1900s iconic furniture and decor pieces with more modern concepts, Mid-Century Modern style embodies the look of a refined, clean, and sophisticated home.

Coffee Tables To Complete Your Mid-Century Mod Look

A living room wouldn't be complete without the right coffee table. From industrial coffee tables to glass coffee tables, you can find an array of unique accents to achieve a Mid-Century Mod style in your home. When choosing pieces, remember that the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic is inspired by nature, often featuring natural materials like wood. Its approach to minimalism in its design establishes clean lines that balance simplicity with function. Incorporating versatile pieces throughout the room will produce a well-balanced look. Try mixing in coffee tables that showcase a shabby-chic style or farmhouse vibe to help bring in personal touches to customize your space and make it uniquely yours. Coffee tables also make good DIY projects, so swap out paint colors to give the old-school decor in your living room a nicely aged charm.

The Comfiest Mid-Century Modern Couches

Couches – the true living room staple pieces. What would a living room be without the proper sofa? It definitely wouldn't be nearly as comfortable and would lack some serious balance. Whether you prefer a sectional couch to seat the whole family or a simple loveseat for two, you can find your favorite type of piece available in a Mid-Century Modern style. Look for couches made with wooden construction that have precise architectural designs with clean, straight lines. Minimalism and functionality play key roles in finding the right furniture for your Mid-Century Mod home, from the couch you'll be spending your evenings lounging on to the simple accent chair that never sits lonely in the corner. You can play it safe and stick with neutral tones, which are most popular in couches, or go bold and accent your living room with a piece of furniture in your favorite pop of color, like orange or blue.

Mid-Century Modern Area Rugs We Can't Live Without

When decorating your home in a Mid-Century Modern style, you'll find plenty of ways to add in your own personal touches. Area rugs are a simple yet creative way to incorporate some personality into your home. Mid-Century Modern decor and furniture are like working with a clean slate, so they give you the freedom to make a more daring choice with the area rug you choose, like selecting asymmetrical and abstract patterns that usually dominate the Mid-Century Modern style. You can either make a big statement by selecting large area rugs that completely cover the living room floor or choose small accent rugs to quietly balance out your design. If you prefer to have your area rugs blend in with the overall sophisticated theme instead of being the bright focal point of the room, you still can without straying from your Mid-Century Mod vibe. You can easily feature area rugs that are traditional, Persian, or that have a solid hue to subtly highlight the elements of your Mid-Century Mod home.

Mid-Century Mod Table Lamps That Are A Bright Idea

If you're looking to create perfect Instagram-type lighting, these table lamps won't let you down. Whether you favor more understated modern table lamps or bold, metallic industrial table lamps, you can blend your personal preference into a Mid-Century Modern decor style. By adding in a variety of lamp styles, you'll easily create a unique look that will set your home apart from the rest. For example, classic table lamps can soften the look of your room, while industrial lamps can create an edgy, urban vibe. You can achieve a perfect balance by mixing authentic vintage, vintage-inspired, and bright accents with these different and interesting table lamps to customize your home's style.

These Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Tables Make The Cut

You've heard it said before – the kitchen is the heart of the home. And at the center of it all is where everyone eats, the kitchen table. Mid-Century Modern kitchen tables are as varied as the numerous meals you'll eat on them. Some mix materials of their architectural elements, such as soft, rounded wooden legs paired with smooth metal table tops. Other kitchen tables are made completely with warm wood tones that channel the mid-century time frame, but they're carved with modern accents to keep them from appearing dated. These kitchen tables can appear rustic or classic. Either way, half the fun is seeing how you can experiment with different sizes, shapes, materials, and surfaces for your Mid-Century Modern kitchen table design. Warm wood tones pair well with white surface materials, such as white marble, to create a sleek, chic take on Mid-Century Mod. And don't forget to experiment with shapes; both rectangular and round kitchen tables fit in with this style – so choose your favorite and get decorating!

Mid-Century Modern Floor Mirrors That Shine

You can easily find the perfect decorative floor mirror to fit your mid-century styled home. Start by asking yourself: do you prefer simple and minimalistic or decorative and boldly colorful? Although minimalistic designs usually dominate the Mid-Century Modern design aesthetic, you can experiment with other design styles and sizes to give your home an exciting twist. Large floor mirrors with clean edges add a simple yet dramatic feature to any room, and floor mirrors with abstract and geometric designs add flair to a drab space instantly. The most popular floor mirrors are oversized and rectangular, and they portray a classic look while resting on the floor and leaning against a wall. But if you prefer a simpler, subtler approach, delicate folding floor mirrors leave an understated impact.

So Bright Mid-Century Modern Lighting

Whether you're looking for the perfect statement chandelier or a floor lamp that pops, these Mid-Century Modern lighting picks will help you find what you've been looking for. Mid-Century Modern pendant lighting tends to highlight the industrial look by mixing in popular metallic trends with smooth edges, but combining it with other elements, such as Edison light bulbs, bronze and copper tone accents, and retro structures, is what turns the separate, plain elements into all-out Mid-Century Mod lighting. If you're in the market for new floor lamps, pieces that combine organic elements, like bamboo, and streamlined shapes, like metal tripod bases, dominate this style. The key to a beautifully balanced Mid-Century Modern home is mixing and matching shapes and materials, whether that means mixing a rectangular lamp stand with a circular fixture or combining linen colored shades with copper bases, you're only limited by your own creativity.

Simple And Chic Mid-Century Modern Curtains And Drapes

So, you've selected all your key furniture items, but things are still looking a little bare – that's because you're missing the curtains! But where do you begin? When you're shopping for curtains that fit the Mid-Century Modern style, it's important to remember that you don't want them to take attention away from your other bold decor elements; otherwise, you'll mistakenly create a chaotic look that contradicts the minimalist design aesthetic you're aiming for, so let your curtains play a supporting role while the rest of your home shines. Colors like ivory, tan, and beige are neutral options that won't distract from the rest of your room. But just because you're aiming for subtle does not mean you have to be boring. Many neutral window treatments are made in a variety of tapestries. It's also just as important to select understated curtain rods when you're looking for window curtains. Wooden or metallic curtain rods can still provide character while serving the assistant design role for the curtains and drapes you choose for your home. After you've chosen the perfect window treatments and rods, watch this video to learn how to hang curtains properly.

Mid-Century Modern Bedding You Can Cuddle Up In

Texture, texture, and more texture! When it comes to finding the right bedding for your Mid-Century Modern home, you can't go wrong by focusing on texture. Popular styles include quilted, waffle weave patterns, tufted designs, and pleats. You'll also notice other common trends among Mid-Century Mod bedding, such as geometric and organic patterns, neutral shades, and fur. Start by finding the most important bedding piece by selecting a duvet, comforter, or quilt first. Then move on to bedsheets that complement the top blanket and finish off your selections with throw pillows and blankets in a variety of colors and – you guessed it – textures. Mixing elements pulls together all the hues in the room while also highlighting your beautiful bedding choices.

Mid-Century Modern Decor We Adore

Now that you've pulled together all your most important elements, your Mid-Century Modern home almost has everything it needs. Finishing decor touches, such as wall art, throw pillows, greenery, and tabletop decor, can mean the difference between your design efforts looking impressive or boring. As with all the other pieces of your Mid-Century Modern decor look, you'll want to combine asymmetrical designs with pieces that feature a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Mix shabby-chic with industrial components. Showcase an eclectic mix of coffee table books on sleek end tables. Stand your favorite plants beside an impressive piece of wall art. Before you know it, you'll completely tie your look together. Just don't overdo it. Remember, Mid-Century Modern style is all about highlighting minimalist decor ideas that prove less is more.

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