10 Easy Upgrades To Give Your Small Space A Major Makeover

You know the saying, "great things come in small packages." Well, it couldn't be more true with these 10 products from Overstock that will easily upgrade your studio apartment without sacrificing precious space. From one bedroom homes to single-room apartments, these simple swaps are the answer to stealing this sophisticated setup in a pinch.


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Molded Walnut Coffee Table

Give your living area the gift of practical entertaining with this vintage-inspired coffee table. Game night, wine night, and every cozy night in between can reap great benefits from this circular setup, offering a safe spot for snacks, beverages, and the board game of your choice. Set out a plant to give your small space a bit of life, or try stacking your favorite books alongside a gorgeous bowl to give your remote controls their ultimate resting place.


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Aniline Leather Love Seat

No need to sacrifice style for size with this leather love seat that is begging to give your modern spot some serious comfort. Infuse some of your own vibrant personality into your space by sprinkling a few bold throw pillows and a plush blanket atop the tufted back. The solid leather upholstery combined with stark lines make this couch a retro-lover's dream that won't distract while taking up residence in your pint-sized place.

Price: $1,756.49

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Margo Midcentury Bookshelf

Looking to add a groovy feel to your midcentury modern space? Look no further than this 3-shelf bookcase—it's a total showstopper. The open-air shelves help section off a room without putting up a complete barrier so you can easily create makeshift room lines in an instant. Stack plants, books, and trinkets galore with a dual-sided view to make catching a glimpse of this geometrical masterpiece visible from every corner.

Price: $179.99

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Walnut Wood Side Table

Speaking of geometric treasures, this side table serves up some serious fashion-forward functionality. It can be used as both a lovely spot to house a lamp and accompanying set of trendy coasters or as additional seating when the couch simply can't fit the entire family. Looking for clever ways to store some goods in your small space? Keep extra blankets or pillows in a wire bin underneath and store the latest issues of your favorite magazines in the side compartment. Check and check.

Price: $228.99

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Time Out Warm Amber Mirror

Nothing makes a space feel larger than it is like the addition of a few style-savvy wall mirrors. This classy round mirror will add a contemporary feel to your small living area, making a gem of an addition in your tiny bathroom for those daily touch-ups. A total work of art—and we're not just talking about your excellent hair day.

Price: $143.49

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Moroccan White Leather Pouf

The complexity of this piece has us totally smitten—not to mention it's intricate design and sleek stitching. Use this pouf as additional seating or as a cozy footrest for the days when you need to kick your heels up sans those pesky stilettos. Easy to transport due to it's lightweight build, you can move this ottoman around at any time to fit your seating demands.

Price: $208.48

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Hand-Hooked Wool Rug

Give your space that splash of yellow it's been longing for with this charming geometric rug. Whether you're a lover of bold prints or tend to stick to the neutrals, this bright rug will undoubtedly spruce up that living area that simply can't accommodate all the extra bells and whistles that a larger space tends to include. Your space may be limited, but your color-infused style doesn't have to be.

Price: $304.29

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Hexagon Wall Ledges

No room for a bookcase, but plenty of decorative items to shelf? Fear not, because these geometric beauties were made for small spaces and are ideal for showcasing your most prized artifacts. We especially love the idea of replacing a big canvas print or wall mirror over the bed frame with these little ledges—so your favorite photo frames and vase of flowers have a space-saving spot to live.

Price: $40.02

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Pineapple Yellow 3-Piece Bed

For a bedroom lacking space, you may feel that character will inevitably be lacking too, but this bright and bold piece begs to differ. Keep the life in your room afloat despite the lack of accessories with this bright and multi-functional bed. The vibrant color will set up some division from the rest of your setup, while the trundle drawer beneath will keep you sleeping soundly above your extra belongings that are neatly nestled away.

Price: $743.99

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Metallic Striped Throw Pillow

Add a bit of textured glam to your tiny living space with this small pillow that definitely has a lot to say. Contemporary style calls for bold furniture additions, but who says you can't add some chic patterned accessories as well? We're definitely fans of this neutral colored pillow and could see this perfectly matched with a vibrant partner in crime—maybe a teal pillow that really pops? Yes, please.

Price: $85.49

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