Designing Woman

A Seattle entrepreneur treats herself to a light-filled home office for running her textile business, plus a super-organized workshop you'd never guess was her garage.


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Black Photo Frames

A $30-piece of sheet metal from a home center makes two boards. Now just add frames.

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White Bookcases with Glass Doors

Store all of your finds and reads in these bookcases to give your home an instant clean look.

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Metal Filing Cabinets

File cabinets are a great way to add storage to any space.

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Glass Jars

Corral pencils, paper clips, or other needs right where you need them: in glass jars on your desk.

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This homeowner never buys anything that can't be used in another part of her home; try transitioning decor from room to room. See how she transitioned her sheepskin to her desk chair.

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Galvanized Metal and Hardware

Use galvanized metal to hold your office supplies.

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Picture Rail Hangers

Hang your prettiest images from the picture rail hangers.

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Canvas Bin

Sturdy and handsome, this bin also has wheels!

Price: $129 - $139

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Knit Pouf

Add a pouf to any room for comfort and decor.

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Kane Synthetic Indoor/Outoor Rug

This rug is similar to the one in the home office shown above.

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Glass Jar

Use the glass jars located throughout Janna's studio to store essentials.

Price: $7.99

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Denim Chef Apron

Make spills the least of your worries by wearing a handy-dandy apron when working in your studio.

Price: $60

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Paper Cutter

This paper cutter certainly comes in handy when wrapping packages.

Price: Prices will vary

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Ranarp Work Lamp

A desk lamp puts light where you need it to ensure your highest quality of work.

Price: $32.99

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