Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional2 (Compact, Charcoal, Blank Keycaps, 45G)

From the manufacturer DIP Switches DIP switches are located on the back of the keyboard and allow users to assign different functions to keys. Made by Programmers for Programmers The Happy Hacking Keyboard offers an ultra-minimalist design and a near-symmetrical layout, condensing a standard 101 key keyboard into only 60 keys. The Happy Hacking Keyboard uses the Topre electrostatic capacitive switch, which eliminates key chatter and provides maximum tactility, extra the Topre electrostatic capacitive switch, which eliminates key chatter and provides maximum tactility, extra comfort, keystroke precision, and the famous Topre ‘Thock’ sound What is a Topre switch? The Topre switch is a hybrid between a mechanical spring based switch, a rubber dome switch, and a capacitive sensor. Keypresses are sensed electrically without any physical circuit closure, which helps eliminate key bounce. When a key is pressed, it connects with the capacitor pads and changes the capacitance at that specific point, which the keyboard identifies and registers as the exact keystroke. Keyboards with the Topre switch require only a gentle push to register a keystroke and offer satisfying 'bouncy' feel. Features Ergonomic Design The contoured frame and keys allow for smooth movement across keys, reducing hand and finger fatigue. Intelligent Layout Compact, near-symmetrical design condenses a standard 101 key keyboard to only 60 keys. Use key combos for a faster typing experience, so you never have to leave the home row. Keys made of PBT Keys are made from top grade PBT for a silky matte finish. The letters on the keys are printed with with dye-sublimated legends that prevent fading. Color:Charcoal  |  Style:Blank Keys "The HHKB was designed by programmers for programmers, to ensure speed, accuracy, and reliability. The HHKB is a specialized premium mechanical keyboard designed with high-end users in mind. Its attractive, space saving, and minimalist style creates a unique user experience, while the silky smooth key press and the intelligently designed layout ensures speed, efficiency and comfort. The HHKB features best-in-class Topre electrostatic capacitive key switches that provide an unrivaled keying experience. This keyboard is perfect for Unix and Linux programmers! Fujitsu Computer Products of America (FCPA) is the sole authorized seller in the United States. Keyboards purchased through FCPA include a 2-year Advanced Exchange warranty, U.S. based customer support and U.S. certifications. Please note that FCPA’s 2-year Advanced Exchange warranty is valid for products shipped to US addresses only." read more

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