I Tried Daily Harvest—Here's Why It Changed the Way I Eat

Daily Harvest aims to deliver fresh, flavorful, plant-based food right to your door—but is it worth the hype? One writer tried it for herself.

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What Is Daily Harvest?

Daily Harvest delivers organic, plant-based healthy food that's actually delicious, too. The food is expertly curated by on-site chefs and nutritionists using farm-fresh fruits and veggies to create a balanced, flavorful, nutritious dish. Daily Harvest offers smoothies, harvest bowls (savory meals that are perfect for any time of day), soups, lattes, oat bowls and chia bowls (both great breakfast options), and cookies. Each recipe is perfectly portioned, ready to be blended or heated according to super-simple one-step serving directions. They're designed to help busy people eat healthier on the go—because not all of us can be chopping up veggies and whipping up pad thai on a daily basis. Delivery plans include a nine-cup box for $7.75 per cup with a weekly delivery, all the way up to a 24-cup box for $6.99 per cup with a weekly or monthly delivery. Each box arrives packed in dry ice to prevent thawing, with the cups ready to be stocked in your freezer and eaten at your convenience. Plans can be paused or cancelled anytime, so you receive them on your schedule.

My Honest Review

I LOVE Daily Harvest. Seriously. I tried a variety of cups, including harvest bowls, smoothies, oat bowls, and lattes. As a vegetarian, I loved how Daily Harvest is entirely plant-based, built on organic fruits and vegetables. Even so, I approached some of the cups with an air of caution: Could a Banana + Greens Smoothie—packed with kale, spinach, cucumbers, and wheatgrass—actually taste good? Um, YES. Not only was the smoothie filling for breakfast, but I looked forward to every sip. The banana flavor really came through as the star of the show, but wasn't overly powerful like some banana-flavored things can be.

The harvest bowls were always filling, packed with whole ingredients, and heated up like a dream. Though a lot of the flavors seemed a bit fall-focused for the middle of summer—Sweet Potato + Wild Rice Hash was delicious but tasted like an incredible winter dish—each and every one surprised me with how good it was. Cauliflower Rice + Pesto tasted exactly like risotto, but without all the work, Brussels Sprouts + Tahini made me feel like I was eating traditional Middle Eastern cuisine, and Lentil + Tomato Bolognese helped me get over my general aversion to mushrooms. The only bowl that didn't totally blow me away was the Broccoli + Cheeze, which replaces traditional cheese with nutritional yeast, sweet potato, and bell pepper. (Sure, it tasted good, there's no denying that. But did it evoke cheese? For this born-and-bred Wisconsinite, no. I'll take my cheddar, please and thank you.) But overall, I could not believe that each cup was prepared with only the whole ingredients listed on the side of the cup—no sneaky unhealthy additives designed to make everything taste better. I discovered that just veggies could taste good, prepared the right way. That's a big win.

As for the oat bowls, I wasn't the biggest fan, but that could be chalked up to the ingredients in the particular bowl that I tried (Mulberry + Dragon Fruit). I felt like I spent the rest of my morning pulling seeds out of my teeth—but if you're a big berry person (I'm not), then you'll probably love this bowl more than I did.

Finally, for the latte: I tried the Chaga + Chocolate Latte, and holy moly did it make my day. I blended the chaga-and-reishi mushroom-filled drink up with some milk and ice, and it came out tasting like the most delicious hot chocolate (...but cold) I've had in a long time. It's not overly sugary like a lot of chocolate drinks, striking just the right balance between sweet and savory. I was able to start my morning with a totally tasty, easy-to-drink chocolate frosty, but one that's actually healthy. If I could have one every morning, I totally would.

My Verdict

Would I order Daily Harvest again? Yes, yes, yes. The food is wholesome, easy to make, and more delicious than it has any right to be. Barring a few minor misses, most of the food surprised me in the best way possible. I didn't find a cup that I truly did not enjoy whatsoever—they all were tasty and filling, even with my extra-critical eye for the purpose of this story.

I'd recommend Daily Harvest to anyone looking to get more fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet, and who don't particularly love shopping for and prepping those ingredients themselves. Even though I found Daily Harvest highly complementary to my own vegetarian diet, it would be super simple for meat-eaters to enjoy it, too: Each cup can easily be customized and bulked up at home, whether you're adding grilled chicken, salmon, or a base of rice.

If you want a healthy, convenient, and filling meal plan, Daily Harvest is the way to go.

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