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Coupled 2 Piece Storage Jar Set Everly Quinn

Lost in agony was the city that had mined richness and which had gloated over its glory of art for the longest of generations. The love that it had compiled overtime was on the brink of collapse. The Region of Brass-Uttar Pradesh also known as ' The Land of Desires ' which emerged as the King of handicrafts began to come on the verge of decline and was set for a major fall-back. But it stood, stood hard and strong to attain its lost glory back, Uttar Pradesh just asor a major fall-back. But it stood, stood hard and strong to attain its lost glory back, Uttar Pradesh just as it was named was desirous of bringing what was gone. And it certain that it was made to lift not only itself but all the others who drifted back onto the seas of hardships and misery and foraged to counter them. The rebound was due and was coming, it was there and could be seen, The City of Brass yet again this time succeeded in bringing about its historical comeback and stood right back into its groove. Inspired by the rich tradition and discipline of Uttar Pradesh, 'The Brass Rebounds' is a tribute to the City of Brass by our craftsmen who have so much of love and affection handcrafted this wide range of home products from pure brass. This exceptional range of products that are fine polished and come with a matte finish are proof that Uttar Pradesh was, is, and always will remain a thriving yet flourishing industrial-hub of handicrafts and brass-made products. Made available in the form of tableware, the 'The Brass Rebounds' bring a perfect blend of desire, enthusiasm, and charm to your home which makes your surroundings comfortable and inspiring. The lid on this product is oxidized and lacquered to give a brown antique look and it's containers have been polished to provide a golden matte finish. 'Golden Coupled' is a perfect home item in the form of a multi-utility box which can be used as a cookie jar to keep your candies and chocolates and which also beautifies the kitchen and the dining table. Everly Quinn read more

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