May 2018 Resources

This month is all about food, and the May issue of BH&G doesn't disappoint! In this issue, you'll find innovative recipes, Mother's Day goodies, and beauty essentials just in time for summer.

A variety of horse decor placed on a green background. photo

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Obsessed with Horseplay

It's Triple Crown season, and these accents are heading to the winner's circle. With aged leather, polished brass, and even a horseshoe or two, the equestrian look is both playful and sophisticated.

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Vitamin C-infused beauty products laying on a light blue background with orange slices on it. photo

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We're All About Vitamin C

Recharge your routine (and your complexion) with the hardest-working ingredient in the skin-care aisle.

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Cartoon drawing of a blonde woman blow drying and curling her hair. photo

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Pro Tricks for Hair Repair

Are you dealing with unexpected dryness, frizz, or—even worse—brittleness and breakage? Common styling habits zap the protein and moisture from your hair, so you have to work more TLC into your routine to undo the damage.

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Peach-colored paint can lids on gray background with flowers around it. photo

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Color: Quince Blossom

The vibrant blooms of this flowering shrub bring spring gardens to life. Create the same feeling of vitality in your home when you carry quince's warm pinks indoors. Combine different varieties' flower colors for an energizing glow, like the skin-flattering salmon of 'Cameo' and the radiant apricot of 'Orange Storm.'

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Modern living room with retro touches. photo

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Retro Modern

She's an Atlanta real estate agent with a thing for midcentury. He's a contractor. Together they brought new life, plus the era's iconic furniture, to a '60s ranch.

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Modern white kitchen with wood accents. photo

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Red-Hot Kitchen Trends

Quick update or total remodel? Or maybe you're just starting to plan? Our roundup of the latest products, finishes, and colors, plus a few familiar ideas with staying power, will launch your wish list.

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A variety of subscription boxes. photo

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Out of the Box

Skip the mad dash to the mall. These online gift-box companies handle the choosing and wrapping for you, so giving a great present is easier than ever, no matter the occasion (or pickiness of the recipient).

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Laundry room makeover with lemon wallpaper and pink wall. photo

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I Did It!

Launched by a zesty wallpaper, this laundry room makeover puts a spin on the hardest-working room in the house.

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Dark wallpaper with greenery detailing. photo

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Into the Dark

A wallpaper with a deep, rich background color is the shortcut to giving a room drama and sophistication in spades.

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Three tulips laying on a stone. photo

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For the Love of Tulips

One woman's party playbook for a springtime gathering that's special enough for Mother's Day—or any day your flowers are in bloom.

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Family in an area full of plants in front of a dark-colored house. photo

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Green House

Landscape designer Bryce Brock instills her home with the same down-to-earth style, indoors and out.

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Vintage BH&G magazine laying next to a bag of blueberries. photo

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BH&G Throwback: 1977 Farmers Markets

It's market season. Grab your bags and get ready to hit the streets.

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