Simple Shaker

Shakers—the original minimalists—paved the way for modern design with a simple, honest lifestyle. Their furnishings and guiding principles (minus some of the austerity) still feel right at home today.


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Shelf Image: The Round Dorm

This round shelf is the Scandinavian version of a Shaker hanging shelf.

Price: $179

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Decorative Boxes (Unpainted)

Display these decorative boxes on a console table, mounted shelf, or coffee table.

Price: $31.25 - $382.50

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Hook Set

We're so hung up on this cute hook set.

Price: $29

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Wooden Tops (Set of 3)

Kids and adults alike will love seeing hand-turned tops on display in your home.

Price: $32

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Linen Tape

Brighten a bare lampshade by adding colorful linen tape.

Price: Prices may vary.

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Pegboards with Chairs: Pine Shaker Pegboard

Pegboards take neat and tidy to a new level—literally—by keeping baskets, brooms, and chairs off the floor for easy cleaning.

Price: $8.75 - $70

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Peterboro All-Rooms Wall Storage Set

Tuck clutter away with these small but mighty hanging baskets.

Price: $75

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Shaker Sister's Shop Broom

Sweeping the house has never looked so cute. (Shaker Sister's Shop Broom pictured on the far left.)

Price: $31.25

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Unfinished Ladder-Back Dining Chairs (Set of 2)

Paint these chairs a cheery color to brighten your kitchen or dining room.

Price: $106.53

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Concord Chair

Although they didn't invent ladder-back or spindle chairs, Shakers made them more efficient and comfortable. Product currently sold out.

Price: $180


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Safavieh Dining Chairs (Set of 2)

A traditional design to complement several styles. Original product unavailable. Similar chair pictured.

Price: $128.68

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Shaker Ministry Shop Broom

Don't worry about tucking away your broom when you have one that's unique and handmade. (Shaker Ministry Shop Broom pictured second from the right.)

Price: $32.50

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Ceramica Cylinder Vase

Place your favorite fresh blooms in this delightful vase.

Price: $36

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Tabletop Image: Belham Living Windsor Bench

Accommodate more friends and family by adding a dining bench.

Price: $179.98

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Marcus Matte Navy Pasta/Soup Bowl

Order bold blues with a side of yellow for a bright, sunny breakfast table.

Price: Prices may vary.

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Asymmetric Cutting Board

Create an interesting tablescape with asymmetrical lines when you choose this cutting board.

Price: $65

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Patchwork Cloth: Blue

Think outside the box when it comes to your tablecloth and reach for something that's anything but basic.

Price: $146

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Midnight Windowpane Linen Dinner Napkin

A linen napkin's simple design can make a bold statement.

Price: $14.75

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Daffodil Yellow Fiesta Dinner Plate

This surprising shade of yellow certainly livens up daily meals.

Price: $19

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Dotted Blue Teema Plate

Invest in functional and stylish dishware like these dotted plates.

Price: Prices may vary.

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Trapeze Glassware (Set of 4)

Modern meets minimalism with this West Elm glassware set.

Price: $20

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Pandan Basketweave Napkin Rings (Set of 4)

Dress up your plain cloth napkins with textured napkin rings.

Price: $11.96

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Sawyer Flatware Collection

A touch of rustic flair is just what your flatware has been missing.

Price: $11.96+

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Window/Bench Seat Image: DIY Lampshade

This piece is custom.


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Raholt Bench

Pull up a seat on this rattan wicker bench. Item is currently out of stock.


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Shaker School House Broom

This 39-inch broom adds a homey feel to your entryway or kitchen. (Shaker School House Broom pictured second from the left.)

Price: $35

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Cover Me Up Cushion Cover (Birds)

Throw pillows have the ability to make just about any space cozier.

Price: $57

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Cover Me Up Cushion Cover (Checkered)

Snuggle up with a comfy cushion covered in this plaid-like print.

Price: $57

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Verso Lastu Birch Basket with Lid

A Finnish classic gets a modern makeover in this basket.

Price: $64

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Split-Oak, Double-Pie Basket

Check out this large rectangular basket that's perfect for so much more than transporting pies.

Price: $98.75

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Ceramic Pitcher in White

Instead of using this pitcher just for serving drinks, try placing fresh flowers in it for an inviting centerpiece.

Price: $14.95

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Threshold Woven Rug

Place a runner in hallways and entryways to make your space feel complete.

Price: $39.99

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Bedroom Image: Gjora Bed Frame

Blond wood, natural texture, and symmetrical patterns are key elements for a peaceful, serene bedroom.

Price: $359

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"Tree of Light" Poster

The tree of life was a popular motif used by Shakers in needlework and paintings.

Price: $15

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New Lebanon Shaker Candle Stand

Created with solid cherry wood, this small table works perfectly as a bedside table or end table in your living room.

Price: $156.25 - $273.75

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Pinched Basket

Expert artisans in Ghana created this versatile basket for you to use as decorative storage or a pot for your favorite plants.

Price: $91

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Arrowhead Pieced Quilt Set

A geometric quilt like this one from Pendleton is sure to turn heads.

Price: $229 - $259

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Lebanon Bench

Place this bench at the end of your bed for a homey feel or in your entryway to welcome guests.

Price: $216.25 - $400

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Brass-Finished Swing Lamp

Let this midcentury-inspired wall sconce light up your space.

Price: $185

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Tabletop Image: Amoeba Large Cutting Board

Handcrafted wooden spoons and boards are works of art for the kitchen.

Price: $150

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Swedish Birch Sandwich Board with Egg Cup

Break out this petite sandwich board, great for serving small appetizers and assorted cheeses, for your next get-together.

Price: $12

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Baker's Dozen Wood Spoons

Your kitchen could always use these hardworking wood spoons.

Price: $160

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Cornish Four Egg Board

Hard boiled or deviled, your yummy eggs look appetizing on this sleek and simple board.

Price: $50

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Large Round Cutting Board

A cutting board this stylish and sturdy makes an attractive alternative to your basic serving tray.

Price: $45.95

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Walnut Cutting Board

Don't get caught without this cutting board in your kitchen collection.

Price: $34.95

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Laurel Pie Dish

Reach for this scallop-rim pie dish when baking your next pie or quiche.

Price: $125

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Vintage Linen Napkins (Set of 4)

Designed with an earthy look and feel, this set of linen napkins works for indoor and outdoor dining.

Price: $90

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Grass Green Herringbone Towels

Hand towels don't have to be dingy and boring, which is why we love this design by Stephanie Seal Brown.

Price: $160

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