September 2018 Resources

When flipping through the eighth annual Style Maker issue, you'll find inspiring ways to make your home better every day. While some ideas may seem inaccessible at first, this issue will give all readers an idea or two they can take away to refresh and renew their space.

White ceramic vase filled with flowers and greenery. photo

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Obsessed with Romantic Florals

Everything's coming up roses—and dahlias and tulips. The new romantic trend plays up nostalgia with lots of floral motifs, soft dusty colors, and warm metals. Keep the charming sentimentality from going saccharine by applying it in small doses and contrasting with rough textures.

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Sid and Ann Mashburn in their home. photo

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Forever in Fashion

High and low. Global and local. Practical and beautiful. Style icons Sid and Ann Mashburn's new concept shop brings together fashion, home, and gifts.

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Forecast: Berry

You're invited to join a wine club...for your lips. These gorgeous vino shades instantly brighten your face and, thanks to blue undertones, whiten your smile.

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Two black hair dryers and one multi-color hair dryer. photo

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Master the Blowout

It may seem like you can get a silky, polished blowout only in the salon. But with the right tools and a few pro hacks, you can create your own good hair day without burning out your biceps.

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A room with bright blue walls, a white table, and decor on top. photo

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Color: High Octane

Bold walls create instant wow factor, yet many of us are afraid to commit to a strong paint color. Designer Nick Olsen wants to help you take the plunge. "It's just paint. It can always be painted over, so go for it," he says. Follow his tips and you'll have a room that feels exciting and inviting.

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Amanda Reynal with her dog in her entryway. photo

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Grand Entrance

With all roads leading to the mudroom in interior designer Amanda Reynal's home, she outfitted the space to be both storage-savvy and smart-looking.

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Grant K. Gibson and his dog standing in his home. photo

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Refresher Course

Designer Grant K. Gibson gave his 1906 San Francisco condo a modern update, maximizing every bit of its 855 square feet with a streamlined design strategy.

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A cartoon woman with a paint brush and paint buckets. photo

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How Do I Paint It?

Cabinets, front doors, and floors are three of the most transformative paint jobs you can do (besides walls). Here's how to get them right.

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A room with bold teal and white patterned walls. photo

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Global Warmth

Interior designer and shop owner of deKor Isabelle Dahlin drew design influences from around the world for her welcoming California retreat.

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Ayesha Curry and their family at the dinner table. photo

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How Ayesha Curry Scores Big with Flavor

By day she runs a growing food empire. By night she's committed to putting nutritious, high-flavor meals on the table for her family. The wife of NBA star Stephen Curry is a master of the balancing act.

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A white wall filled with patterned decor and bright colors. photo

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Clean Slate

All-white walls may be a blank canvas, but in the hands of the texture-loving, pattern-playing, antiques-collecting Paloma Contreras, they're anything but boring.

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A living room featuring a blue sofa, purple accent chair, pink rug, and red wall decor. photo

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Color Works

Interior designer Barrie Benson works like an archaeologist. She knows how to dig a little deeper, to use what's treasured, and to celebrate the stuff of life. See how she reveals the best of this New York apartment with color and an unlikely mix of furnishings.

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An old black and white magazine sitting on a table. photo

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BH&G Throwback: 1943 Travel Savvy

If it's the journey that counts, pack smart and go in style.

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A modern kitchen with purple accents, black and gold chairs, and white walls. photo

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A Kitchen with Confidence

Forget predictable. Daring color, unusual materials, and clever storage work together surprisingly well. Here are five ideas for a bold kitchen.

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