4 Rug Styles That Instantly Spice Up Your Home for Fall

Summer has come and gone, which means it's time to get your home ready for the fall, especially because you'll likely be spending more time indoors once the temps start to drop. No need to dress your space in cliche fall patterns and colors (like pumpkins and leaves), but rather fill it with cozy accents that give the room an inviting touch. One of the easiest ways to do this is by adding a new accent rug! Whether your home embraces bold patterns, plush textures, or simple rugs, we've rounded up the best ones to buy now (all from the stylish rug brand, Nourison, that we're currently swooning over at Overstock).

Bohemian Chic

Set a fashionable foundation in your living room by filling it with a gorgeous area rug. If your home is decorated with a variety of fun decor and textures (like faux fur throw pillows or colorful design accents) then the boho rug style is an excellent choice for you. Bohemian rugs feature an eclectic mix of traditional design elements blended with various textures and often times a pop of color (or full blown color). Some showcase fringe details to spice up your area rug even more!

Whether you're drawn to the bold prints or textured details, this rug style is ready to make a striking statement no matter where you place it in your home. If you're wanting it to be the focal point in the room then choose one with a colorful medallion motif. Or, if you're not wanting the area rug to overpower the room, opt for a neutral style that still ecompasses the unique prints that boho-inspired rugs have to offer.

Classic Shag

Venture outside of the realm of traditional rugs and try heavier knits and textures during the cooler months. The best way to keep your feet warm in the winter without having to pile on thick socks and slippers is to dress your floors in shaggy rugs. There's just something about the classic shag rug that instantly makes a room feel warmer and more comfortable.

You may think these beautifully designed plush rugs must cost big bucks, but we're in luck because Nourison offers a variety of options for every style and budget. Place one in your bedroom to add more of a luxurious feel and a soft landing when you wake up in the morning, or add one on top of your hardwood floors or ceramic tiles to keep your feet warm and cozy all season long.

Textured Patterns

It's time to swap out your old summer rugs and refresh them with patterned picks that can be used all year round. Whether you've never been afraid to use bold prints or have always been pattern-shy, there's a rug out there to match any style, no matter your design comfort zone.

Patterned rugs can elevate the look of any room by adding immediate wow-factor. If this is your first time exploring patterns, then we recommend going with one that has a solid geometric print with only one or two colors. If you're ready to go more on the wild side, opt for bold florals or art print patterns.

Traditional Inspired

Shopping for an area rug that you will want to have in your home for years is always a smart choice, whether the style is modern, eclectic or boho. Most traditional rugs, often referred to as oriental rugs, are designed with medallion prints and small motifs that feature a detailed border around the edge, which makes sense because these rugs are so beautiful they double as a work of art.

When deciding the color of your rug it's best to match the most significant hue in the rug with the primary color used throughout the room. This will avoid clashing of colors and will keep the room looking cohesive.

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