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Make your Pinterest and Instagram wishes come to life with help from these home decor options.

Design Credits:

Decorist, Photoshoot Point Person (Also designed the pantry/bar.) - Ashley Redmond, ashley@decorist.com

Decorist Marketing - Susan Glen, susan@decorist.com

Ruby PR: Elena Trierweiler, elena@rubypr.com; Melissa Davis, melissa@rubypr.com

General Building Contractor - Jeff King & Company, www.jeffkingandco.com, 251 Balboa Street, San Francisco, CA, 415-221-5012

Design - Jeff King & Company with Sarah Reeves of Sazen Design, www.sazendesign.com, sarahreeves56@gmail.com, 617-620-1466

Kitchen - Elite Makeover with MAS Design, www.mas-interior-design.com, info@thisisMAS.com, 510-817-4647

Dining Room - Decorist Elite Designer Simone Howell, www.decorist.com, yourteam@decorist.com, 866-387-8648

Living Room - Decorist Elite Designer Simone Howell


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Kitchen: White Oak Floors in a Country White Finish

Lighten your flooring for an instant kitchen refresh.

Price: Prices will vary.

get this flooring now!

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Kitchen Cabinetry

These custom kitchen cabinets were manufactured by Jeff King & Co.


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Cabinetry Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Simply White

Choose a paint color that will make any room feel fresh and renewed.

Price: Prices will vary.

get a paint color now!

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Lower Cabinets Paint Color: Farrow and Ball Pavillion Gray

This classic midgray will become your new favorite neutral.

Price: Prices will vary.

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Wall Color: Farrow and Ball Blackened

A cool-white paint color with a hint of soft gray.

Price: Prices will vary.

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Edgecliff Pull—Natural Brass

Hardware may be small, but it makes a huge difference.

Price: $299

get this pull now!

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Hex Knob—Natural Brass

A stylish alternative to a round knob.

Price: $18

get this knob now!

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Island Countertop: Calacatta Marble

Marble makes your kitchen island beautiful and durable.

Price: Prices will vary.

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Countertop: Silestone White Zeus

Introduce more dimension in your kitchen by installing two different countertops.

Price: Prices will vary.

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Kohler Bakersfield White Cast Iron Single Basin Sink

Better Homes & Gardens Tip: Opt for a small sink to maximize counter space.

Price: $809

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Newport Brass East Linear Pull Down Kitchen Faucet—Satin Brass

The satin-brass color of this kitchen faucet pops against the contrasting white.

Price: $1,070

get this kitchen faucet now!

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Kohler Northland White Cast Iron Single Bar Sink

Sophisticated style meets modern convenience with this prep/bar sink from Kohler.

Price: $419

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Fireclay Tile Ogee Drop Sugar White, Moroccan Set

Tile your floor or your backsplash with this cute, unique shape.

Price: Prices will vary.

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Viking Range

Home-cooked meals get a serious upgrade with a restaurant-quality range.

Price: Prices will vary.

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Blue Star London Flat Hood

A stainless-steel hood gives your kitchen a sleek, modern look.

Price: $3,138 - $3,881

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Haleigh 12" Wire Dome Pendant

Float pendant lights above your dining room or kitchen table to set the mood for your meal.

Price: $499

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Floating Shelves

These floating shelves were custom designed by Jeff King & Co.


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Wire Counter Stool

Guests will be eager to pull up a chair with this barstool's striking wire design.

Price: $460

get this wire counter stool now!

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White Powder Coated Steel Stools with a White Stained Ash Seat

A modern, geometric stool accentuates your space.

Price: $195

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Viking 48" Built-in Side-by-Side Refrigerator

A professional-grade refrigerator maximizes your food and beverage storage space with style.

Price: $12,089

get this fridge now!

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Vase on Counter

Place your favorite blooms inside the etched vase to accent your kitchen island.

Price: $19.99

get a similar vase now!

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Pot on Stove

This copper pot will become a kitchen staple, looking fabulous and conducting consistent heat for years.

Price: $400

get a similar copper pot now!

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Copper Teapot

Avid tea drinkers and anyone who enjoys the kettle aesthetic will appreciate a hammered, copper-plated teapot.

Price: $59.95

get a similar tea kettle now!

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Mod Metal 3" Planter

Display your favorite herbs indoors for added greenery and fresh bites with every meal.

Price: $10

get a similar gold planter now!

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Eloise Light Pink Double Old-Fashioned Glass

Affordable yet glamorous drinkware steps up your entertaining look.

Price: $5.50

get similar glassware now!

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Dish Towel

Hang these beauties for a splash of color in your kitchen.

Price: $24.99

get a similar dish towel now!

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Pot for Succulent on Top Shelf

When it comes to low-maintenance plants, potted succulents are the way to go to enhance your home's decor.

Price: $9.95

get a similar potted succulent now!

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Hammered Large Serving Bowl

Serve your guests in style.

Price: $19.99

get a similar bowl now!

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Gold Utensils in Crock

Serving a meal with these utensils makes it look even better.

Price: $53.85

get similar utensils now!

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Cloche Bud Vase

A petite addition to display a small bloom.

Price: $2.95

get a similar bud vase now!

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Desk: Bar Height Desk

Custom designed by Jeff King & Co. with Sazen Design.


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Wire Barstool in Gold

Slide this stool under your countertop for a kitchen look that is good as gold.

Price: $560

get this barstool now!

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Dining Room: Dining Table

You'll need a large dining table to host all of your closest friends and family.

Price: $2,950

get this dining table now!

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Tall End Chairs

The chairs are vintage Milo Baughman.


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Chrome Chairs

These are vintage Anton Lorenz Thonet Chrome Cantilever chairs.


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This is a vintage Lucite ribbon chandelier.


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Untitled (Classroom) by Menno Aden

This artwork can only be bought in-store.

view his artwork now!

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Moroccan Wool Rug

This wool rug can only be bought in-store at Krisma: 2190 Union St., San Francisco, CA 94123.


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Vintage Brass and Agate Bar Cart

This bar cart was bought vintage from Scout Design Studio.

get their available products now!

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Ken Fulk for Pottery Barn Mirror

This mirror is no longer available.


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Living Room: Rand Sectional

Plush cushions invite you to relax and put your feet up after a long day.

get this sectional now!

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A neutral yet eye-catching pillow cover to complement your existing decor.

Price: $76 - $177

get this pillow cover now!

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Yellow Velvet Pillow

This product is no longer available.


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Ikat Tibetan Rug

This rug can only be bought in-store at Krisma: 2190 Union St., San Francisco, CA 94123.


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Porcelain Tiles on Fireplace Mews

Gorgeous tile in a variety of colors and patterns.

Price: Prices will vary.

get these tiles now!

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Samsung Television

Enjoy a night in with your family watching a movie marathon.

Price: $999.99

get a similar television now!

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Urchin Sphere Chandelier

Spice up your entryway with a unique chandelier in a bold palette.

Price: $609

get a similar chandelier now!

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Coffee Table

This coffee table is a vintage piece.


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Lilac Armchairs

These chairs are vintage pieces.


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Fabric on Armchairs: Royal Comfort Violet Sky

A delicate purple enhances any piece of furniture.

Price: $57/yard

get this fabric now!

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Gus Modern Timber Table

Rustic meets modern with this timber-inspired side table showing off decor or holding your drink.

Price: $235

get this side table now!

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Nikea Pillow

A tassel pillow unlike any other makes a statement on your sofa.

Price: $78 - $88

get a similar pillow now!

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Selena Square Throw Pillow

Vibrant color and a bold pattern make this throw pillow a must-have for your home.

Price: $79.99

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Goldshine Vase

A golden accent makes your decor shine.

Price: $16

get a similar bud vase now!

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Large Rectangle Lacquer Tray

Serve cocktails with this versatile tray or use as coffee table decor.

Price: $69

get a similar tray now!

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Colada Pineapple Vase-Planter

All eyes will be on this 3-D vase in a motif symbolizing hospitality

Price: $6.95

get a similar planter now!

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Potted 6" Aloe Plant

A small succulent fills an empty spot on an end table or bookshelf.

Price: $12.95

get a similar succulent!

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Pantry: Cabinetry

Custom designed by Jeff King & Co. with Sazen Design.


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Subzero 24" Undercounter Wine Storage

Install this wine refrigerator anywhere you plan to enjoy a glass of wine and make happy hour a breeze.

Price: $3,940 - $4,005

get this wine fridge now!

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Floating Shelves

These shelves were custom designed by Jeff King & Co.


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Keaton Tray

We're certain this versatile tray will serve you well for every gathering.

Price: $49.95

get a similar tray now!
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