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Filled with spooky treats, Halloween crafts, and inspiring before and afters, the October issue of Better Homes & Gardens will have readers diving into the season—and maybe a home improvement project or two.

Patchwork bedding and throw pillow photo

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Obsessed with Patchwork

The current incarnation of this pieced look draws inspiration from the anything-goes mixes of the 1960s and '70s. Its signature rainbow palette is still bold and bright, but today's pieces include monochromatic schemes (especially blues) and geometric patterns to freshen them further.

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New & Next: What We're Loving Now

Gold-plated dishes that won't spark in the microwave or chip in the dishwasher, Lenox's Trianna dinnerware is pretty enough for a party and practical enough for a Wednesday night.

Spaceships, rainbows, and a whole lot of pattern: In a kid's room, anything goes. And everything goes together when it all shares the same bright color palette.

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Green tea skin care products on green and cream striped background. photo

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Leave It to Green Tea

Loaded with protective and soothing antioxidants, green tea and its oh-so-trendy powdered form, matcha, deliver a dose of wellness to your beauty regimen.

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Skin care products on gray background. photo

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Face Off

The basic rule for healthy, beautiful skin is simple: Wash your face nightly to remove dirt, oil, and makeup. If you're not sure what to use or your skin's needs have changed, follow these tips from dermatologists and try one of our favorite drugstore formulas.

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Gita Bass photographed with her dog and a plant in the background. photo

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Shopping with Gita Bass

Want to streamline your kit? The celebrity makeup artist shares her CVS picks for mastering minimal makeup.

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A range of purple-hue paint can lids. photo

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Color: Plum & Grape

The Dutch masters knew the power of deep purple to create a sumptuous look. Now, with a boost from the decorating world's love affair with dark shades, the velvety tones of plums, pomegranates, and black calla lilies are experiencing a renaissance.

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Staircase with a gallery wall and chandelier. photo

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She's Got Game

A neutral foundation keeps the calm in a renovated Virginia home, where basketballs bounce and a DIY mom may be building furniture on the living room floor.

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Gourds in gold-colored bowl. photo

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Autumn's Motley Crew

Gnarly shapes, mottled hues, and wart-riddled skins top the list of gourds' best features. Who knew the secret to fabulous fall arrangements was a little imperfection?

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Rolled up rugs on a wood floor photo

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How to Choose an Area Rug

An area rug can transform a room in the time it takes to unroll it. Our guidelines will help you find the one that fits and avoid shopping snags.

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Photo of a kitchen island with natural wood countertop. photo

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It's a Keeper

When updating the kitchen in her century-old house, this Louisville homeowner was inspired by what she already had.

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Photo of a woman sitting on a bench in her laundry room. photo

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I Did It!

Ordinary laundry room cabinets get a game-changing facelift. Now, they're a mini mudroom where a family can stow coats and sit to tie shoes.

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Photo of bathroom accessories on top of a hexagon backsplash. photo

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Punch List

On our home improvement radar: bath upgrades, facelifts for stairs and sinks, and how to borrow tools without bugging your neighbor.

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Boho living room photo

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DIY Oasis

Rehabbing a home requires a healthy measure of grit. For homeowners Brian and Kathrin Smirke, that translated into 120 nights spent sleeping on-site during construction, 50 arguments (but who's counting), 4 credit cards, 19 handmade furniture pieces, and dozens of online tutorials to make this a profitable rental property.

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Photo of a family sitting in an office. photo

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Worldly Goods

In Georgia, a family turns their historical home into a stylish scrapbook of their life and travels together.

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Photo of a cobalt blue rug and page from a vintage magazine article. photo

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BH&G Throwback: 1974 Cobalt

Brilliant, saturated, and dynamic cobalt blue is still going strong.

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