June 2020 Resources

Now more than ever, people are comforting themselves and giving their families a sense of well-being by cooking, crafting, DIYing, and gardening—all the domestic arts this magazine has celebrated for 98 years.

All-white living room with black accents
Brightly colored paper napkins and paper weights photo

Elevate the Everyday (pg. 10)

The White Company Kitchen photo

The British Are Coming (pgs. 14–16)

Three summer book recommendations from the BH&G Editors photo

Page-Turners (pg. 12)

Sunscreen from Banana Boat, Coppertone, Bare Republic, Australian Gold, and Kinship on pink sand photo

Find Your Best Sunscreen (pgs. 18–20)

  • Australian Gold Botanical Tinted Face SPF 50, $10; target.com

  • Coppertone Glow Hydragel SPF 30, $9; walmart.com

  • Banana Boat Light As Air Spray SPF 50, $12; walgreens.com

  • La Roche-Posay Anthelios Melt-In Milk Sunscreen SPF 100, $25; laroche-posay.us

  • Kinship Self Reflect Mineral SPF 32, $25; lovekinship.com

  • Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face Mist Sunscreen SPF 55, $18; neutrogena.com

  • Sun Bum Mineral SPF 30 Whipped Sunscreen Lotion, $18; target.com

  • Bare Republic Mineral Face Lotion SPF 70, $15; target.com
False eyelashes photo

Erica Explores: Next-Level Lashes (pg. 22)

White paint lids surrounded by flowers photo

Shades of White (pgs. 24–29)

Pg. 24:

Pg. 26:

Pg. 29:

Bungalow renovation by John and Valerie Hansel in Mill Valley, CA photo

Natural Selection (pgs. 30–34)

Professional Resources:
Architect: Erika Shern; insideplusarchitecture.com
Residential designer: Annie Lazarus, insideplusarchitecture.com

Front exterior:


Living room:


Dining room:

Stylist Joseph Wanek's reimagined patio garden photo

Private Paradise (pgs. 40–44)

Plant wall:

Featured plants include:

  • Ti (aka cordylines)

  • Boston ferns

  • Crotons

  • Australian tree ferns

  • Philodendrons

  • Dracaenas

  • Pothos

  • Staghorn ferns


Mosaic tiles and tools photo

Stuck on You (pgs. 46–52)

Where to Shop Tiles:

Bowl of fruit wrapped in a protective net photo

Everyone Loves a Picnic (pgs. 64–70)

Patio with rattan furniture, plants, and two umbrellas photo

Go With the Flow (pgs. 86–93)

Professional resources:

Designer: Bella Mancini Design; bellamancinidesign.com

Pgs. 86–87:

Pgs. 88–89:

Pgs. 90–91:

Pgs. 92–93:

Patio furniture with garden party food and cocktails photo

Garden Party (pgs. 94–99)

Professional resources:

Creative director, Bolé Road Textiles: Hana Getachew, 271 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11215; boleroadtextiles.com

Pgs. 94–95:

Pgs. 96–97:

Pgs. 98–99:

Kitten under a rug photo

Lost & Found (pg. 118)

  • Whistle Go, $100, plus annual or biannual subscription fee; whistle.com

  • Fi Collar, $149; tryfi.com

  • Findster Duo+, $150 for one pet, $200 for two, $250 for three; getfindster.com
European-inspired kitchen photo

Double Duty (pgs. Z1–Z8)

Professional Resources:

Interior designer: Amy Storm & Company; Instagram: @amystromandco

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