How to Incorporate High-Contrast Decor in Your Home

Instantly infuse drama into a space by varying color, texture, and materials to create contrast. Adding even just a few of these decorative accents to your home can create visual balance and depth that will refresh any room.

Dark gray couch in white room with black accents.
Photo grid of wall art, green drawers, and blue vases. photo

Mix and Match Colors

Pops of color add energy and excitement. You can't go wrong pairing classics like black and white, but try mixing up your color scheme with vibrant, bold colors like blues and greens. The color wheel is your friend in choosing the right colors for a high-contrast palette. These vivid finds are a great starting point for finding just the right combination of color.

Create your base with neutral colors, such as black and white, with The Arts Capsule Framed Canvas Print. This abstract print will be the focal point on a bedroom wall or fireplace mantel beside photos and decorative objects. The bold geometric design anchors the space when juxtaposed with more vibrant colors like this green bedside chest and blue decorative vases. The Hayden Kelly Bedside Chest is a timeless accent piece that emphasizes English Colonial style while providing ample storage in three spacious drawers. Accentuate your bedside table or mantel with a touch of blue by arranging the Howard Elliott Sleek Vases in a stunning display. Note: Each vase is sold separately so be sure to add different sizes to your virtual cart if you want a complete set. The cobalt blue vases work well as standalone decor, or you can fill them with your favorite greenery to add even more visual interest.

Photo grid of wall art, chandelier, and glass bowls. photo

Varying Textures

When it comes to texture, opposites attract. What makes texture so eye-catching is how it's used against a contrasting surface; think hard vs. soft, natural vs. manmade, or rough vs. smooth. These design elements can make a major statement in your home when balanced appropriately, taking your decor to a different dimension—literally.

Soft and light, this handcrafted Papier-Mache Maze Wall Art is truly one of a kind. This work of art is made from recycled materials layered with fabric and hand-painted blocks for a multidimensional look. For added contrast, hang this piece on a dark wall to make a bigger impact with texture. If you're really looking to make a statement, this featured chandelier won't disappoint. Unlike traditional light fixtures, the Caye Coconut Shell Chandelier is made from genuine coconut shells shaped by hand. The texture varies from piece to piece due to its natural composition, so you can count on this chandelier being truly unique to your home. Another natural addition that can add texture are these Natural Driftwood and Blown Glass Bowls. These unique bowls are hand-blown to fit the shape of the driftwood, giving each bowl their own look. Complete the whole three-piece collection for total zen or display a single bowl filled with water and rocks for an earthy feel.

Photo grid with lamp, printed chair, and beveled mirror. photo

Mixed Materials

Professional interior designers aren't afraid to mix and match, so you shouldn't be either! Playing with fabrics, patterns, and metal variations is key for creating focal points in your living space. Add just one or all of our favorites to your home to nail the high-contrast look.

Switch up your lighting with the Tapered Facet Lamp from the Better Homes and Gardens® Collection. This geometric base is finished in chrome for an eye-catching design that can reflect other light sources in the room even when the lamp itself is turned off. Set it on a side table next to the Kayleigh Slipper Chair to instantly elevate a living room or home office. Covered in leopard print, this accent chair brings together natural elements and industrial touches with its wooden legs and nail-head trim. Tie the contrasting materials together with a weathered wall mirror like the Seema Eclectic Mirror, which is detailed with a silver finish and a textured beveled design. Hang it above a brick fireplace or near the geometric lamp base to tastefully contrast its floral shape.

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