Obsessed with Metallic Office Gear

Just as a shiny new bauble perks up an outfit, a bit of desk bling elevates an office. These metallic finishes mingle so elegantly that your desk could pass for a jewelry counter.


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Back Me Up! Charging Cord in Metallic Gold

Keep your phone charged and your desk trendy with this USB cord.

Price: $18

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Metallic Leather Folio in Gold

Organize your paperwork in a vegan "leather" folio.

Price: $18

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Golden Rulers in Rose Gold and Gold

Choose one ruler to brighten your workspace, and hang the other in your crafts area.



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Copper Metallic Foil Tape

Adheres like tape but is waterproof and heat-resistant.

Price: $22

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Acrylic and Gold Stapler

A stapler that's as durable as it is elegant.

Price: $18

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Acrylic Gold Scissors

These sturdy scissors look sleek.

Price: $22

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Large Round Cache Box in Copper and Brass

Store paper clips, pushpins, and desk odds and ends in this metallic box.

Price: $56.50

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Eccolo Jumbo Paper Clips

Use these large paper clips to hang photos, prints, and other decor.



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Scoop Table Lamp in Antique Brass

Antique Brass delivers drama in a small package.

Price: $79

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Polyhedra Magnets

Stick with a monochromatic look, or get multiple sets for a mix of finishes.

Price: $13–$20

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Strike Gold Stripe File Folders, Set of 6

Curb paper pileups and earn your organization stripes.

Price: $16

get these kate spade file folders now

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Clear Boxes with Brushed Copper Lids

These acrylic bins stack to save space.

Price: $4.99–$12.99 each

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Ampersand Pushpins, Set of 10

Typophiles will adore this stylish set.

Price: $14

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Pilar Pencil Cup

Utensils stand at attention in this steel geometric cup.

Price: $14.95

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Alarm Clock

Order it, then find out if they'll ship you a gold or copper one.

Price: $12.50

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Indgang Key Tray

Lined with felt to protect delicate items. This item is no longer available.


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Wire Tape Dispenser

U Brand's sculptural riff fits standard clear tape.

Price: $13

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