This Is the Perfect Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree to Decorate Your Home Without the Maintenance

With more than 200 positive reviews from World Market customers, this faux fiddle leaf fig tree looks just like the real thing and is impossible to kill—it's a win-win!

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The Best Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig

If you've struggled to keep plants alive in the past but still want that fresh look of greenery in your home, we've got you covered. This faux fiddle leaf fig will be your solution to achieving a botanical-inspired look without the maintenance. Due to their high sensitivity to environmental changes, real fiddle leaf figs require lots of attention and might be a challenge for budding (pardon the pun) indoor gardeners. Like all plants, it needs lots of sunlight, rich soil, the right amount of water, and should not be placed in drafty areas, but if you don't get the combination just right you might notice your tree losing its leaves. If the regimen of keeping a fiddle leaf fig tree alive sounds time consuming and doesn't align with your schedule, this faux option from World Market might be a better fit for you. Plus, it'll be a stylish addition to any room in your home and won't be harmful to children or pets, like real ones can be.

This customer-loved artificial tree features a tall, curved trunk that sits at about six feet tall with adjustable leaves to make it appear more lifelike. It comes complete in a simple weighted stand to help hold it up and is handcrafted so each plant will have slight variations (which is great for anyone who wants to purchase more than one). One satisfied reviewer says, "I had been wanting to purchase a real fiddle-leaf fig tree for ages but could never commit knowing how particular they are. I took a chance with this faux version and it was the best looking one I could find online for the price. It's perfect!" Purchasing a faux fiddle leaf fig can seem pricey at first, but unlike the real deal, it'll always look healthy no matter what, which makes it totally worth it. And the best part is, you can move it to any room in your home—even the basement—without having to worry about its environment.

Once you've brought your new plant home, give it a taste of your personal style by setting it's weighted stand inside a woven basket with tassel details like the one pictured above, or keep it simple and use a classic terra-cotta pot. Place it in your living room, home office, dining room, or even your bedroom and it'll be the center of attention and give your space a refreshing vibe.

Price: $180

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